Colbert Takes On Eastwood’s Empty Chair [Video]

Stephen Colbert grilled Clint Eastwood’s chair in the most recent edition of The Colbert Report, landing the interview that every other talk pundit would have given a limb for.

The chair first came to light at the recent GOP convention when screen legend and Mitt Romney supporter Clint Eastwood took to the stage to interview the inanimate piece of furniture, which supposedly contained an invisible President Obama.

Eastwood’s bizarre, finger-jabbing monologue has already been mocked by Colbert’s fellow satirist Jon Stewart, and Colbert took his turn to poke fun on Friday night’s show, conducting a five-minute interview with Chair which ended with a crescendo of stirringly patriotic music and dry ice. You can view the full interview below.

And it’s not only late-night hosts getting decent mileage from Eastwood’s doddery chair skit: The Internet has responded gloriously with amusing gifs aplenty and a dedicated Eastwooding tumblr.

There was, inevitably, a hearty number of mocking tweets, with scores of users flooding Twitter with pictures of themselves lecturing and pointing at empty chairs. Some even got their pets to stare down the furniture.

Team Obama joined in the ribbing early on, responding to Eastwood’s gauntlet — “This seat’s taken” — with a photo of Obama sitting in the presidential chair:

The President himself has responded graciously to Eastwood’s unconventional skit, revealing to USA Today that he remains a “huge fan” of the 82-year-old actor.

No news on whether Chair plans for a run at the 2016 election, though, this is some inspirational stuff:

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