Gabrielle Union Pregnancy Rumors Shut Down With A String Of Tweets — No Dwyane Wade Baby On The Way

Gabrielle Union responded to rumors that she is pregnant with husband Dwyane Wade’s baby. The Being Mary Jane actress took to Twitter after reports that she was expecting and set the record straight with fans. According to Gabrielle, there is no NBA baby on the way. Also, she’s not entertained by the constant pregnancy speculation.

Gabrielle seemed irritated by recent speculation that she might finally be expecting a baby with Dwyane Wade. It turns out, the basketball wife was just bloated and suffering from monthly period symptoms according to her TMI Twitter overshare.

The Gabrielle Union pregnancy rumors all stemmed from her appearance at a recent amfAR Gala. Gabrielle was wearing a tight gown and looked to have a bit of a belly bump in it according to Rolling Out. Like many other women in the spotlight, the rumor mill started churning full time as fans wondered if there was a baby on the way.

Union didn’t take kindly to all the talk about her uterus and fertility. She jumped on Twitter and cleared up all the pregnancy speculation herself, not even letting the hype build up for the sake of keeping her name in the tabloids.

“Lmaooo … Newsflash! Women have these things called periods. On occasion there is bloating … and breathing. Meanwhile I’m enjoying cocktails,” Union wrote. “Just becuz you say it and say it and say it and say it … doesn’t make it true or real. Enjoy the weekend folks, I’ll be at the bar.”

“Didn’t realize my uterus needed a publicist to account for its comings & goings (uterus hijinks! Whatta rascal) #periodwatch #bloatnotababy,” Gabrielle continued to tweet. “I know some are disappointed but ANY news abt my uterus will be shared by me. PS It’s weird to create fake pregnancies for ppl #periodwatch.”

Gabrielle Union also tweeted about her fake pregnancy news, “I also have never responded to the COUNTLESS fake pregnancies I’ve been given over the years but I just SO love writing ‘uterus’ UTERUS JOY!”

Union is not the first celebrity to experience fake pregnancy rumors and speculation based on a little belly bump. Khloe Kardashian has been ignoring the gossip for years while those around her try to spread rumors that she’s expecting.

Gabrielle Union hasn’t come out and talked about her future baby making plans with Dwyane Wade. Considering that she is 43-years old with no children of her own, the pressure is on to reproduce if that is what she desires. The thing is, if it’s not, then those who keep trying to spread rumors about pregnancy rumors would make the Being Mary Jane actress pretty angry.

Union’s husband Dwyane Wade already has three sons of his own. One of those boys was born after he was with Gabrielle, supposedly conceived during a break in their relationship when he was with someone else. Despite the huge drama surrounding Wade’s love child, Gabrielle stood by her man and they actually look pretty happy together now.

Dwyane Wade even Snapchatted some risque bedroom photos of himself and Gabrielle Union recently. Apparently, he couldn’t wait to share the afterglow of a very sweaty session in the bedroom with his millions of fans and followers. Both Dwyane and Gabrielle looked pretty sweaty and satisfied in the TMI pictures that the Miami Heat baller shared. That still doesn’t mean she’s pregnant though. It just means that the couple are enjoying each other still.

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