Karlie Kloss Apparently Has Travel And Relationship Woes

It appears that Karlie Kloss has been going through a lot of stress lately. The model just shared some of her travel woes on social media, proving that she travels like we do and goes through the same stressful situations.

Karlie Kloss revealed that she was allegedly poorly mistreated by the Philippine Airlines staff just after she missed her flight. Kloss took to Snapchat and Twitter to exclaim her frustration with her millions of followers.

“[Philippine Airlines] has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ALL TIME. Most BUDGET AIRLINE. Rude & disrespectful. Shame on you,” she tweeted.

Karlie Kloss
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Then, on Snapchat, Kloss shared a clip of herself at the airport with the red caption, “NO ONE FLYS PHILIPPINES AIRLINES…AND NOW I KNOW WHY. [sic]”

Now the airline has responded to Kloss’ complaints. They claimed that they have already expanded their policy to Kloss.

Karlie Kloss
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“We are happy to note that Ms. Kloss has gracefully responded to PAL’s initial communication. The airline has likewise sent her a formal letter stating that there was no deliberate intention to cause her any disservice,” PAL said in a statement sent to GMA News Online.

Philippine Airlines also explained that they did their best to explain to Kloss about the cut-off time for check-in and boarding. According to the Daily Mail, the airline carrier even issued an apology to Kloss shortly after the incident.

“To show the heart of the Filipino, we are extending her assistance to facilitate the refund of her unused ticket or to facilitate the rebooking of her flight. PAL will be pleased to serve Ms. Kloss’ travel needs in the future.”

Kloss has also responded, thanking Philippine Airlines for the apology. She said that she would speak to the airline carrier further, in private. Fortunately, Kloss was able to catch her flight, as she arrived to New York on Tuesday. She was reportedly seen walking The West Village by herself as she walked around in a floral print dress with a slit.

The reason why she was alone is probably because the Victoria’s Secret model recently looked frustrated with her boyfriend Joshua Kushner. The pair just celebrated their fourth anniversary. But on Saturday, June 11, Kloss and Kushner were involved in a heated argument in the streets of New York.

The couple were captured by paparazzi having a public disagreement with both of them passionately gesturing around. Though Kloss looked visibly angry by their argument, the couple did seem to work things out as they walked through the city’s West Village. Both Kloss and Kushner were photographed wearing workout clothes.

Kloss was photographed wearing a gray Adidas T-shirt with a black-and-white Adidas jacket tied around her waist. She paired her look with white sneakers and black leggings. Meanwhile, Kushner was photographed wearing a white T-shirt and black skinny jeans, which he paired with black trainers.

The model was also able to let off some steam by going for a jog while listening to some music on her phone, and she certainly seemed happier during that point. It’s been announced that Kloss will appear in Swarovski’s digital, outdoor, and television campaigns, which will start in the fall.

“It’s an honor to join the Swarovski family and to be part of the brand’s long history of bringing elegance to women through brilliant, unique designs. It’s a brand that I’ve worn on the runway or on red carpets for years and also before I was a model.”

Kloss is also the famous BFF of Taylor Swift who has recently gone through her own relationship drama. Earlier this month, news broke that Swift ended her 15-month-long relationship with DJ Calvin Harris. Harris took to Twitter to address their relationship, which she supported by retweeting to her fans.

Their other friend, Gigi Hadid, has also been going through the motions of her on-and-off relationship with Zayn Malik. Hopefully, Kloss won’t go through the same experience as her girl friends.

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