Is Tyga Getting Back At Kylie By Dating Kanye West’s Muse?

It doesn’t seem like Tyga and Kylie Jenner are getting back together anytime soon. The rapper and reality star couple’s messy breakup situation just got messier with Tyga now dating Kanye West’s muse!

Tyra, the 26-year-old rapper, broke up with girlfriend Kylie Jenner last month amid rumors of sex tapes, restraining orders, and money owed from Tyga to Jenner.

And since his breakup with Kylie, Tyga has already been linked with two women: the first, lingerie model Demi Rose Mawby whom he cozied up with at Cannes, and now — his latest fling — model Amina Blue with whom he was spotted vacationing in Jamaica.

Tyga’s newest lady — Amina Blue — coincidentally, was one of Kanye West’s muses at his Yeezy Season 2 fashion show.

It seems that Tyga has split with Kylie Jenner only to take up with someone so close to his ex’s brother-in-law, Kanye West himself!

Is this a way for Tyga to get back at Kylie Jenner after their less-than-amicable breakup?

It was first suspected that the “Rack City” rapper was dating the 22-year-old Amina Blue when the bikini-clad model took a video of herself on the beaches of Jamaica and uploaded it to Tyga’s Snapchat.

And to top it off, as BET reported, Tyga also shared an Instagram photo of Amina Blue, implying that all this footage of Blue was to make his ex, Kylie Jenner, jealous.

“If Kylie missed that one, Tyga made sure to give Blue as much exposure as possible, posting a sexy portrait of the model on his Instagram page as well, captioning the photo, ‘1 of 1.'”

And Tyga did manage to give Amina Blue a lot of exposure with his Instagram photo, but it was Kanye West (his ex, Kylie’s brother-in-law) who brought Blue to the spotlight.

As New York Magazine reports, Kanye West was Amina Blue’s “fairy-godfather” of sorts, and “selected her as a muse for his Yeezy brand, beginning last year.”

If it weren’t for Kanye West, as Blue herself put it, she would not have made it into the modelling world with its strict ideals of beauty when it came to runway models.

“I didn’t think I had the body or the height to do high fashion,” Blue told New York Magazine. “My measurements are ridiculous.”

But Kanye West, Blue’s fashion fairy-godfather, chose her as a muse and brought her to the limelight.

“He [Kanye West] wanted to bring a different body shape into the fashion industry,” Blue said.

So what is Tyga doing with a girl so close to Kanye West and the Kardashian-Jenner clan anyway?

As reported by the Mirror, Tyga’s fans did not take well to Blue, some of them even pointed out her connection to Kylie Jenner.

“Wait he’s with amina now? Dammmm creep she was one of Kanye’s model for his clothing line,” said one commentor on his Instagram photo of Blue.

While others still shipped Tyga with Kylie Jenner.

“Team Kylie,” was another comment reported by the Mirror.

On Twitter too, there was some confusion about Amina Blue and Tyga.

It is as of yet unknown whether Tyga is really dating Kanye West’s muse, Amina Blue, or whether he is doing all of this to get back at his ex, Kylie Jenner, but it certainly looks as if the rapper is having fun with his newest flame.

It also seems certain that Tyga and Kylie may not be getting back together again. As Mirror reported, Tyga no longer has any pictures of Kylie on his Instagram.

But still, nothing is certain, as BET reports.

“Perhaps Tyga is just enjoying the single life, or maybe he really has found his next ride or die. We’ll have to keep a close eye on his social media page to find out.”

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