Scott Stapp Announces New Project, Gives An Update, And Promises ‘The Best Has Yet To Come’

Creed frontman Scott Stapp announced he has a new band with ties to the legendary Scott Weiland, but it’s not Stone Temple Pilots as initially reported, according to Loud Wire. Scott will be the voice of the new group called Art of Anarchy.

The buzz about Stapp’s new project has been around social media for months. Last month, during a radio show, Scott revealed he was working on a new album with a new group of guys. He also revealed, “The guys are well-known, you’ll know who they are when you hear it.”

At the time, the radio hosts asked him if it was Stone Temple Pilots, considering that Scott Weiland died just a few months ago. Of course, at the time, Stapp couldn’t confirm nor deny the rumor, and stated, “you’ll have to wait and see.” He promised the announcement would come up before summer’s end, and the fans will love the new material.

Scott admitted that it was his fault that Creed broke up over a decade ago, Huffington Post reports. Creed was one of the most captivating bands of the ’90s, but Stapp’s ego and drug abuse led to the band being dismantled.

“My life was headed for superstardom; all of my rock ‘n roll dreams were coming true. And I remember waking up one day and feeling, ‘Something’s wrong with me.’ Just a heaviness. I had no energy. I didn’t want to get out of bed.That’s when the drinking and the pills came into the equation. I would just stay on my tour bus alone, kind of just cut everybody off. [It] really led to the breakup of the band.”

Two years ago, Stapp made headlines when he had a mental breakdown. He took to his social media accounts to reveal that his loving wife, Jaclyn Stapp, had stolen money from him, leaving him penniless. Fans felt for him because he seemed credible.

Well, he was believed until he posted a video stating that his family (presumably his in-laws) were planning on killing President Obama. It was a particularly low time in his life, but he seems to be in a much better place today.

His marriage survived, and he received the needed treatment for his bipolar disorder. Immediately after treatment, he announced that he was taking the time to recover, then he would make a full comeback. Many fans doubted that was possible, but he is (slowly) proving his haters wrong.

Immediately after his radio show appearance, media reported that he was likely joining Stone Temple Pilots, replacing Scott Weiland. But some critics have responded by stating that Scott Stapp could never replace a legend like Weiland.

Scott Stapp released a statement about Scott Weiland and his involvement with the new project:

“I wanted to clarify any confusions on Stone Temple Pilots and my comment. First off, Scott Weiland in STP is irreplaceable. I was recently asked what I’m currently working on in an interview and could not reveal details or announce this new project. This led the interviewer to assume it was STP and he eagerly kept asking for more details. Evidently my response caused confusion.

“I’m excited to share I’ve been working with Art Of Anarchy band who’s members are Ron “Bumble Foot” Thal, formerly of Guns N Roses, John Moyer of Disturbed and Jon and Vince Votta. Original announcement was slated for July along with our first single and album to follow but happy to share this announcement sooner to clarify.

“Art Of Anarchy is the project that I was referring to in the interview not STP. Scott Weiland was a part of Art of Anarchy and that’s the six degrees of separation I was referring to. Always been a fan of STP and I wish them all the best in their search for a new singer.
Allow me to introduce Art Of Anarchy. Stay tuned.”

Prior to Weiland’s death, he provided the vocal for Art of Anarchy’s first CD in 2015. He revealed that he wasn’t a part of the band, and “was just helping them out.” They were left scrambling for a lead singer, and after almost two years of searching for the perfect frontman, they selected the singer.

Scott Stapp hasn’t closed the door on Creed just yet. The other band members have projects that are keeping them busy for at least a few years. As of right now, he will tour with his solo band, and now with Art of Anarchy.

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