WWE News: JTG Reveals What Characteristics Vince McMahon Likes Most In Employees

Vince McMahon has always been a controversial figure in sports entertainment. He even helped make that phrase popular as he took over the WWE from his father. His impact on the business is nearly incomparable. He created WrestleMania, and stars like Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. McMahon always knew how to promote something that was larger than life. WrestleMania, arguably his biggest creation, has stood the test of time.

While his contributions to professional wrestling are astounding, there are many who love the man. There are also plenty who don’t care for Vince McMahon. It’s all subjective, but those who don’t simply say he’s out of touch, or that he lies. CM Punk accused McMahon of insisting he “owed Punk one.” McMahon never gave Punk what he supposedly owed him. Seth Rollins recently came back to action with one of the best babyface reactions in years. He reverted back to his heel persona the following night.

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McMahon is turning 71 in August. Very few people in that age bracket can associate with the current generation. It’s actually a testament to McMahon’s character and intelligence to be able to associate himself with people in their 20s and 30s. Despite what people may think of him, he’s also been given the respect he deserves by his peers.

JTG, a former-WWE tag-team wrestler, seemed to have a good relationship with McMahon. He was in the company much longer than many anticipated. He was recently interviewed by Jim Ross for his podcast, the Ross Report. He talked to Ross about many things and even revealed what qualities McMahon respects most out of his employees.

“If I had an issue, I would just knock on his door. Or if I saw him on his phone, I would ask ‘hey, how are you doing, boss? Can we chat for a sec?’ It was that type of relationship,” JTG explained, “but it was always business.”

“One thing I do realize with Vince, is that he respects balls and he respects confidence,” said the former WWE Superstar.

JTG mentioned that McMahon was very approachable and felt very comfortable around him. That isn’t the same way for most. When someone exudes confidence to McMahon, it presumably can be shown on-screen. For example, CM Punk didn’t shy away from his true feelings. That’s why he and McMahon had a good working relationship. It was McMahon that re-hired Punk in 2011, not Triple H.

Sheamus recalls the first time he met McMahon and it was as someone would expect.

“‘Is that a handshake?’ McMahon asked after pulling his hand away. ‘Give me a proper handshake!,'” Seamus revealed.

Sheamus have him a more sturdy handshake, and McMahon replied, “that’s better” before walking off.

The former-WWE champion and Royal Rumble winner left his mark on the industry that won’t be matched. To this day, nobody has equaled his contributions. If Impact Wrestling were to have succeeded, then perhaps Dixie Carter had something up her sleeve. However, it’s turning into a commercial failure. Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and many other Indy promotions are competitive within their own markets.

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Nothing compares to the WWE on a business level. The amount of merchandise they sell is outstanding. They are able to withstand fans dropping each week, but still pull in revenue from various outlets. The WWE Network is turning into what fans wanted when it debuted. McMahon was the mastermind behind that idea.

By creating WrestleMania and the WWE Network, he revolutionized the wrestling industry. When he retires, it will signify a career that will go down as the greatest. Once every generation someone like Triple H comes along that puts a dent inside the ring, as well as outside of it. However, nobody will ever do more for the wrestling industry than Vince McMahon.

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