Kate Middleton ‘Crushing On Prince Harry’ As Weight Loss Prevents Duchess Of Cambridge From Conceiving Third Baby

Kate Middleton reportedly gave photographers the impression that Prince Harry was her husband as sources allege that the Duchess of Cambridge barely paid any attention to William — she was too busy caught up in the endless jokes being told by her brother-in-law.

Celeb Dirty Laundry even goes on to insinuate that Middleton has a crush on Harry, which was evidently portrayed during the event the Duchess of Cambridge attended with her husband for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebration at St. Paul’s Cathedral this week.

The outlet alleges that Harry would often whisper things in Kate’s ear which left the 34-year-old smirking throughout the service. While Middleton was said to have engaged in a small chat with her husband from time to time, her main focus was on Harry and his hilarious behavior throughout the gathering.

“The ginger devil continued to amuse his beautiful sister-in-law by pulling faces and distracting her during his grandmother’s birthday event while Prince William remained stodgily attentive to the goings on in the church,” CDL reports, making it clear that Kate was more interested in Harry than anything else during the event.

But that’s not all. When everybody geared up to leave the halls, Kate “turned her back away from William” to continue her conversation with Harry, which led to endless laughter and a lot of smirks — William, on the other hand, was much more serious throughout.

While the report comes from nothing more than supposed sources, it isn’t hard to believe that Kate Middleton was distracted from the event by Prince Harry’s antics since the 31-year-old is famously known to carry the funny bone in his family.

In fact, over the years, Harry has proven himself to be someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously, having infamously allowed pals to snap him nude following a night out in Las Vegas. The photos went viral after being posted on celebrity gossip site TMZ, who claimed that the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, was embarrassed and outraged by the scandal.

Again, to say that Prince Harry likes to have a good time is an understatement, and the fact that so much pressure is put on William to handle himself appropriately at all times seems to have had an effect on Kate, who was once a commoner who could explore the streets of London for the best clubs.

Many people on social media think that the adjustments Kate Middleton has made in her life after William’s proposal are quite extraordinary. And while she has proven herself to be a rather elegant and classy woman, reports further allege that the pressure of trying to sustain a certain image has definitely hurt Middleton — at least as far as her appearance is concerned.

As previously reported, sources alleged that Kate Middleton has been extreme dieting for several months, which is bizarre for the supposed fact that she already weighs less than 90 pounds.

On top of that, Prince William is believed to have raised his concerns for his wife’s health because the twosome have been talking about having a third child, but with Kate following strict dieting plans — which have made her look rather skinny as of late — her chances to conceive in the near future are looking rather slim.

As for Kate Middleton reportedly crushing on Prince Harry, are you convinced that the Duchess of Cambridge is feeling something for her brother-in-law?

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