TNA News: Jeff Hardy Planning To Top Shane McMahon’s ‘WrestleMania 32’ Stunt At ‘TNA Slammiversary’

It should go without saying that Jeff Hardy is one of the craziest men in pro-wrestling history. The things he has done to entertain the fans for over 20 years now has to be commended. He built quite a following due to it. While Hardy always had problems with substance abuse and lost respect with peers due to it, the one thing he never lost was fans. It seemed that any time he left for a suspension, fans loved him when he returned. He could do no wrong. On top of that, he seemed to never have a rival when doing tons of crazy stuff — until the boss’ son came along.

Shane McMahon, known adrenaline junky, loved the WWE just as much as anyone. He was the son of Vince McMahon and could have taken a top executive role, never to be seen by the general public, but he didn’t want that. Instead, he wanted to jump in the ring and face off with the best of the best. He knew he couldn’t out-wrestle many of them or top them with looks and charisma. The best thing he could do was go over the top with crazy stunts — the same idea the Hardy brothers had.

Shane always raised the bar, which made Jeff Hardy and others try to raise it further to top him. Jeff Hardy sat down with Sports Illustrated to discuss TNA Slammiversary, which happens to be taking place this Sunday LIVE on PPV. He mentioned during the interview that he has “something big” up his sleeve for the event. He, of course, is facing brother Matt Hardy, who as you may have noticed from recent videos online, has gone kind of crazy.

Shane McMahon HIAC
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Hardy mentioned that he was inspired to do a big stunt for the TNA Slammiversary event while watching the Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania 32. As we know, Shane jumped off of the top of Hell in a Cell and landed on the announce table. This was around 25 feet. Of course, WWE was smart to use every protective thing they could to keep McMahon safe after the fall.

When talking about the McMahon jump, Hardy told Sports Illustrated, “I knew I could top that. Every time I watched Shane, I was inspired to do something better.”

Clearly, WWE did everything they could to protect Shane McMahon during the stunt. The hope is that Jeff Hardy won’t do something crazy without proper protection in place for him when he does whatever he has in mind. Some say Hardy would do a live suicidal move if he knew it would entertain the world, which is crazy to hear but not far off when you think about Jeff.

Hardys Slammiversary
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In this same interview, TNA fans will be upset to see that Jeff Hardy clearly mentioned he would love to end his career with the WWE.

He would tell SI, “I can feel my body telling me something. I don’t know how much longer I’ve got, and naturally I would love to end with a WrestleMania and I would love to have a Hell in a Cell. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve always wanted to headline ‘Mania.”

Hardy signed back on with TNA earlier this year, mainly due to an injury he was suffering through. Most think when his current TNA deal expires, he’ll make a return to the WWE in some form. It looks like Hardy could get a wish or two fulfilled if he were to return to the WWE. With the company having an entire event called WWE Hell in a Cell, it seems obvious that Hardy could have one of those matches if he returned.

While main eventing WrestleMania may seem like a goal he may never be able to check off, it seems unlikely that the WWE would not want to bring Jeff Hardy back and have him end his career with the company. The only risk with Jeff Hardy is truly his history of drug abuse. If he can stay clean and pass all drug tests, it should go without saying that Hardy will have a good career with the WWE upon his return, whenever that may be.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]

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