Cameron Dallas Rushed To Hospital: What Happened To MAGCON Star?

Fans of Cameron Dallas were shocked this morning to hear that he was rushed to the hospital. As they search everywhere to find news, Cameron is staying quiet on what went down. He is even back on social media but won’t reveal what is going on with his health.

According to J14, Cameron was at MAGCON Europe when he had to be taken to the hospital for an unknown reason. This all went down in the middle of their live shows in Europe, and fans had to be notified that Cameron wasn’t feeling well.

Cameron Dallas has dealt with health issues in the past and shared everything with his fans. When he broke a pinky toe, Cameron wasn’t shy to tell his fans about it. Cameron was even punched in the jaw once and let his fans in on it, but this time, he is being quiet. Now, everyone wants to know what happened to Cameron Dallas. He is very active on social media, so it is a bit odd that he is staying quiet when he knows that his fans are so concerned about him.

Bart Bordelon, who is the creator of MAGCON, shared the news with fans. He had to use a translator to reveal it all, but he said that Cameron is in the hospital and needs everyone’s prayers. He shared that Cameron was very sick but didn’t go into details about what happened. He went on to explain that they hope that he gets better. Fans are freaking out in the audience as he makes the announcement, but he still doesn’t say what is wrong with Cameron Dallas. It is odd that he wouldn’t share a few more details.

Cameron Dallas went to his Twitter account this morning and shared a Periscope video. They are back at MAGCON, and you can hear his fans screaming in the background. After that, Cameron shared that he just ate pizza and is really happy. He didn’t seem to have anything wrong at this point, but if something was going on, he didn’t tell his fans what was up. He seemed really happy, and Cameron fans are feeling better knowing that he is out of the hospital at least. Hopefully, whatever is going on with him isn’t something that he will have to deal with again in the future.

Fans are really hopeful that Cameron Dallas will share the news soon of what went down, but it looks like he is out of the hospital and back to work again. Hopefully, this means that Cameron is doing better, and there is nothing for anyone to worry about at this time. For Bart to make the big announcement, it had to be something pretty big. Maybe Bart will share his thoughts and what happened with Cameron soon.

As Hollywood Life revealed, Cameron Dallas has a huge fanbase. When it was time to pick someone to be slimed at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, Cameron was picked over Bethany Mota. Bethany has a lot of fans and was on Dancing with the Stars. Fans picked Cameron by 62 percent. You know that they are all searching online to find out the details about Cameron, but for now, they will just have to wonder. It looks like if you are planning to go to MAGCON Europe, you might get to see Cameron.

Are you shocked to hear that Cameron Dallas is ill? What do you think happened to the web star? Sound off in the comments section below and continue to send your prayers to Cameron. Everyone is hopeful that there is nothing else going on with him and that Cameron is back to work again.

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