‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Spoilers: A Liar’s Ex Comes Back To Rosewood

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 really is shaping up to be a season of homecomings, and that continues with the news that one of the girls’ exes is coming back. Who could it be when they all have exes: both dangerous and loving.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lindsay Shaw is coming back to reprise her role as Paige McCullers. Paige was Emily’s ex girlfriend, and left in Season 5 after Emily pushed her to get out of Rosewood while she had the chance. This was at a time when A was causing major problems for all the love interests of the Liars. While some were adamant that they would stick around, Paige left Emily to deal with things alone. It didn’t help that Emily was unwilling to stop being friends with Alison, despite how Alison had treated Paige in the past.

While Paige was last seen in Rosewood in Season 5, she was mentioned in Season 6. Even after the time jump, she was brought up between the girls. It was soon clear that Paige was the last serious girlfriend Emily had had.

Shaw will reprise the role from Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 8, and will be around for a couple of episodes. It is unclear the capacity she will appear in, and whether it will mean romance for Emily.

Many fans are angry at the way Emily’s relationship with women has been handled. While Aria, Hanna, and Spencer have had serious relationships with men who have stuck around to help handle A and find out who she was, Emily has never had someone to do that for her. Paige left because it was too dangerous, and Maya was killed off early on in the series.

There have been hopes that Emily and Alison would rekindle their romance. Pretty Little Liars has hinted at this over the years, but it appeared in Season 6 that it would never happen. Alison found love with Elliot Rollins, who turns out to have been in love with Charlotte.

The fact that Emily ended Pretty Little Liars Season 6 single opens the door for a love interest this season. It would make sense for it to be someone the audience already knows, and someone who knows all about the torment that A has put the Liars through in the past. Paige will understand more about A.D.

Is it also possible that Paige could be connected to A.D. in some way? There are people still wanting revenge against Alison, and that is possible years in the future. The time jump in the Liars Season 6 mid-season finale hinted that the girls have a guy after Alison, but is it really going to be a “he?”

Paige is not the only person returning to Rosewood for Season 7. Jenna, Noel, and Jason have all been confirmed as returning in various episodes, as the Inquisitr has previously reported. Marlene King has hinted that this will be the season of homecomings, and she is certainly not lying. The question is how many others will return for later episodes? Julian Morris has said that he will return before Liars finishes in his role as Wren. Freeform and King have yet to confirm this, but is it possible that Wren has a role in the A.D. drama?

Only time will tell, and there is certainly not long left to wait for the premiere. Pretty Little Liars returns to Freeform on Tuesday June 21. It will be a fast-paced seasons with reveals and hints in each episode as fans and the Liars work out who A.D. is.

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