Kevin Gates Working With Gucci Mane? It’s Iffy

Kevin Gates was recently asked if he’s going to work with Gucci Mane. He didn’t seem too eager. However, here’s why.

If you know anything about the new Kevin Gates, it’s that he’s constantly striving for inner peace, and part of having that peace is “wanting for nothing.”

During an interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles, Kevin was asked if he’d consider working with Gucci Mane since he’s out of prison and back in the music game.

The show’s host, J Cruz, asked, “Have you reached out to Gucci yet?”

Gates didn’t seem enthusiastic about the possible opportunity.

He responded, “For what?”

Yet, it wasn’t because Kevin was throwing shade.

Gates elaborated on the idea of working with Gucci Mane.

According to Kevin, “He just came home.”

Essentially, he notes that the rapper needs time to readjust. Kevin Gates mentions as follows.

“I’mma let him get his feet on the ground. Then, if he wants to work with me, I’ll work with him. But, like me, I’ve done a lot of time. And, I feel like — if you didn’t send me nothing while I was in jail — don’t come talking to me when I come home.”

While Gates was speaking on his own behalf, he was also projecting as to what Gucci could possibly be thinking as someone who was recently incarcerated.

As the interview continued, Kevin asked, “How many people that put [on] ‘Free Gucci’ and ‘GUWOP Home’ and ‘Game bout to change cause GUWOP home’…how many of y’all wrote him a letter while he was in jail? How many of y’all sent money while he was in jail?”

Kevin Gates also noted that he attempted to write Gucci himself. While stating that he and the Atlanta rapper know mutual people, Gates noted that his efforts “went unnoticed” when he was trying to get the rapper’s prison contact information.

As a point of clarification, Kevin states, “When you’re in prison, you want to know that you were thought about.”

With that in mind, he notes that he wouldn’t approach Gucci for a collaboration right now out of respect.

Regardless, Gates said that he’ll still be proud of him from the sidelines — collaborating or not. Kevin expounded further, as follows.

“‘I saw what you went through. You was the underdog. And, you hustled hard to get where you was at’. Ain’t nobody like no ‘Gucci’. [But] he made you respect his hustle. So, that’s why I salute dude.”

According to Kevin Gates, he tries not to get caught up in his feelings regarding trivial things any longer. With or without a Gucci Mane collaboration — “no disrespect” — Gates is still going to “go for his.”

Kevin just released two, full-length music projects, seemingly only four months apart. For the most part, Kevin Gates isn’t hurting for anything at the moment.

Remember? “I don’t get tired.”

That was Gates’ signature phrase for a while. Now, it’s “watchu’ doing?”

From experience, Kevin Gates has been incarcerated more than once. When he’s speaking on the topic, Kevin’s talking with insider knowledge about how you feel as a prisoner. Gates mentions that you’ll see who’s really in your corner during those trying times.

With all of that in mind, Kevin Gates would rather wait on Gucci Mane to approach him concerning a collaboration. Basically, the metaphorical ball is in Gucci’s court. However, if Gates has to initiate, it might not happen given the circumstances. Not right now, anyway, as Kevin expressed.

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All in all, what do you think about Kevin Gates’ take on a future Gucci Mane collaboration — or the lack thereof? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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