John Oliver Tackles America’s Debt And Donald Trump

John Oliver has just made TV history and is now officially better than Oprah Winfrey, according to Time. The host of Last Week Tonight discussed America’s debt, saying that it might be the reason why Nicholas Cage has made “so many great choices” over the years.

John Oliver provided data on America’s debt, saying that U.S. households collectively own over $12 trillion in debt. In fact, $436 billion of the overall sum is overdue. As a result of such an immense debt, there is a number of organizations who collect debts from the original creditors.

According to John Oliver, there is this group called Encore Capital, which says one-in-five consumers has owed them money. But Oliver has got another way of interpreting that, saying that, statistically, it means one member of Evanescence, the rock band comprised of five members, has owed Encore Capital some money.

John Oliver also tackled the so-called zombie debt, and just couldn’t help but make a reference to The Walking Dead.

“Zombie debt comes back from the grave, is incredibly hard to deal with, and seems to disproportionately affect minorities.”

But the debt-buying industry is full of dirty practices that often lead to lawsuits around the United States. And most of these lawsuits drag on for years. In fact, John Oliver insists that many debt-buying companies don’t care about their consumers at all. So the Last Week Tonight host took it upon himself to play a fair game in the debt-buying business.

John Oliver bought $14,922,261.76 of medical debt from over 9,000 people through his own organization called Central Asset Recovery Professionals. But that’s only half of what the host did.

John Oliver gave away all the money and thus pulled off the biggest giveaway in TV history, breaking Oprah’s record, whose largest giveaway was almost half of what Oliver just gave away: $8 million.

And debt is not the only topic John Oliver knows a thing or two about. The Last Week Tonight host opened his Sunday’s show with a segment in which he talked about Donald Trump’s scandalous Trump University, according to Raw Story.

John Oliver started the segment with a few quips about Trump’s recent racist comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s ruling to reveal documents about the presidential hopeful’s university.

“Trump University wasn’t even a university. Which makes you wonder what the f*** was in Trump Steaks?”

In what seemed like an attack on Trump Steaks, John Oliver suggested that it might have been possum meat inside those steaks.

John Oliver also had a few things to say about the way Trump “handpicked” the instructors of the university. Oliver insisted that Trump didn’t select instructors for live seminars on his own. Moreover, Trump failed to recall the names of faculty members.

“According to the sworn testimony from several former employees, many instructors and mentors had no experience buying and selling real estate.”

Earlier this year, a former employee of the university claimed Trump’s University was selling “false hopes and lies.” And that’s where John Oliver admitted that Trump University actually had some similarities with “real” universities, saying that every school has sold its students “false hopes and lies.”

“It’s just that most of the time they call it a ‘theater arts degree.'”

John Oliver also insisted that students of Trump University were promised to take a picture with Trump himself. But Oliver added that the only way those students could take a picture with the big man himself is with a cardboard cutout of Trump. And that’s where Oliver also found a perfect metaphor for the scandalous school.

“You’re expecting the real thing, but in the end, all you get is a tacky two-dimensional façade with Donald Trump’s face slapped on it.”

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