WWE News: Vince McMahon Giving Triple H A Green Light On WWE NXT Call Ups, NXT Raid Expected

We know by now that Triple H and Vince McMahon often disagree when it comes to various things in the WWE. For example, Triple H may feel a storyline should go a certain way while Vince thinks it should go another way. Triple H may also feel a certain way about a wrestler that Vince McMahon does not. Things like this may seem weird, but they happen more often than you would think.

It was noted recently that the WWE Draft would be coming up soon, which will see both WWE RAW and SmackDown have unique rosters. SmackDown will go LIVE on a weekly basis starting July 19th. WWE needs to improve the bad ratings it has been seeing. With the brand split, the thought is that they can at least help the shows out in some way with this. The fans have been asking for the brand split to return a lot over the years.

With the brand split returning, WWE is going to need new stars to help both shows. The roster will be split and both shows will need top names from NXT to help them out. Vince McMahon has apparently given Triple H a green light on bringing up various NXT Superstars according to Daily Wrestling News. The idea is that there will be a bigger need for NXT stars to come up now more than ever before.

Enzo Casss
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Vince was not sold on NXT for some time, despite clear love from fans. The reason was due to the flops of stars from the show like The Ascension and Tyler Breeze. Some believe the latter was a problem with booking and not the talent, but that is another debate for another time. DWN claims that Big Cass is well liked by McMahon and that the big man helped to restore his faith in Triple H when it comes to how he evaluates talent and the NXT brand.

While this is the perfect idiocy of Vince showing, the good part is that he is at least willing to give NXT a fair shake and is not ignoring its potential to produce great stars as he once did. Vince is also said to be a big fan of Kevin Owens, but is not yet sold on Sami Zayn or The Vaudevillains. That being said, some believe that early call-ups of people might be an issue for the WWE too. Apollo Crews and The Vaudevillains were thought to be bad call-ups due to the need for improvement, however, it was McMahon who called for their call-ups and not The Game.

Due to how much McMahon seems to like Cass, you know, because he’s a big guy….he’s allowing Triple H to bring other NXT stars up this summer and this fall. The plan is to bring a lot of NXT talent up before and after the draft. Some names to expect to see include Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Bayley, and American Alpha just to name a few. Of course WWE could also bring up talent that we weren’t expecting to see as well.

Triple H Bayley
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The big two in Bayley and Balor have been expected and anticipated for quite some time. The thought behind their debuts is that fans will go nuts when they finally do appear. On top of this, they should also do well when given opportunities as they have been the top two names for the NXT brand for just over a year now. They very well could debut on different shows, but the cool part is that there is an expectation that they will do great things. McMahon feels there is great potential in Finn Balor and wanted him to be called up a few times last year only for Triple H to convince him that Balor needed to stay for a bit longer.

Some believe Triple H wanted to protect Balor from Vince until he felt he would be used well. It looks like Balor very well could be used in something major when he is called up soon. While early plans have him working with The Club, those could change due to needs.

Despite the call-ups, Cageside Seats reports that most of them will end up working on both NXT and their respective brand for a while. The word going around is that the call-ups will finish with NXT most likely by WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, which makes a lot of sense theoretically. Triple H will most likely oversee how talent is being planned for. The NXT raid will begin soon and it is thought that Triple H wants to make sure all the new call-ups have something good to come in with.

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