Miranda Lambert Reveals New Music About Her ‘Journey’ Post Blake Shelton Divorce

Miranda Lambert is teasing new music and dropping serious hints that she’ll be spilling the beans about her 2015 divorce from Blake Shelton.

Lambert spoke out about her upcoming seventh studio album in a new interview with Rolling Stone backstage at Nashville’s LP Field for CMA Music Festival this week, where Lambert teased that she’s put all her emotions regarding her Blake break-up into song.

Though Miranda didn’t mention Blake by name in the interview, Lambert did hint that her divorce will more than likely be a subject in her new music after she alluded to her “journey” since splitting with Shelton in July 2015.

“It’s been a really cool journey because I’ve lived in Nashville for the last year almost now,” Lambert said of her move to Nashville after living with Shelton in Oklahoma during their four-year marriage. “I’ve been able to write so much more than I had before, just not being on the road constantly and moving from Oklahoma.”

Miranda Lambert Reveals New Music About Her 'Journey' Post Blake Shelton Divorce
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“All my friends [in Nashville] are songwriters,” Miranda continued of her new music. “We’re either hanging out and accidentally wrote a song or we had it set up, so I probably wrote like five days a week for five months straight.”

Lambert also got candid about when fans can expect to hear her upcoming music, admitting that she’s “excited” to release her first album since her 2014 release Platinum and her first foray back into music since her Blake Shelton divorce.

“I’ve really worked since last summer just writing and recording, so no one is more excited than me to have the next thing come through and show off what I’ve been doing,” Lambert told press backstage at the Tennessee venue. “I’m getting really close, and hopefully by mid-summer we’ll have some new music people can hear.”

Miranda also addressed her recent absence from the country music scene, which saw her skip both the 2016 CMT Awards and the 2016 American Country Countdown Awards earlier this year. “I know I’ve kind of been ‘not around,’ but I’ve been around,” Miranda said.

Miranda Lambert Reveals New Music About Her 'Journey' Post Blake Shelton Divorce
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It was previously reported that Miranda would be addressing her 2015 split with Blake on her upcoming release after E! News claimed that Lambert would be hitting back at her former husband after Shelton got candid about their relationship on his latest release, If I’m Honest.

“Miranda is aware of what country artists do when creating new music,” a source revealed to the site of how Lambert felt about Shelton being so open about their break-up on his album, claiming that Lambert was actually “not upset” that Blake put his feelings into song.

“Miranda knows it’s just how it goes, especially as a country artist,” the Lambert source told E! News of Miranda’s thoughts on Shelton’s new songs.

The insider also admitted earlier this year that Miranda Lambert already has a few songs about their recent divorce up her sleeve that will more than likely be featured on her upcoming release.

Miranda Lambert Reveals New Music About Her 'Journey' Post Blake Shelton Divorce
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“She is always thinking and currently working on new lyrics and song ideas,” the Miranda source confessed of Lambert’s new music, hinting at Shelton songs by claiming that “many of those ideas steam from the past, present and future experiences.”

The claims came after Blake Shelton admitted that his new album featured a number of songs about his and Lambert’s split, particularly the aptly titled “I Bet You Still Think About Me.”

“It’s basically what it sounds like,” Shelton told E! News of the song, hinting that Miranda was the inspiration. “At some point whether you go through a divorce or a breakup or whatever, once you get past the anger and the frustration of it all, you kind of go into the sad part of it where it’s just like, ‘Gosh, how come that didn’t work out?'”

“That’s what this song is about,” Blake continued of the Miranda song. “Even though stuff didn’t work out, I bet you miss me a little bit. It’s a sad song.”

Are you looking forward to hearing Miranda Lambert’s side of her Blake Shelton divorce with her new music?

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