Safaree Samuels Denies Nicki Minaj Lawsuit Rumors, Responds To Ex’s Claims That He’s ‘Miserable’

Safaree Samuels is speaking out against reports suggesting that he filed a lawsuit against former girlfriend Nicki Minaj after the “Anaconda” rapper blasted him in a series of scathing tweets claiming to have already been served with the lawsuit last month.

Rumors of Safaree’s “imminent” lawsuit against Minaj began back in November after sources close to the rapper revealed to TMZ that Samuels is seeking a cut from three of Nicki’s most successful albums including The Pinkprint, Pink Friday, and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

In the report, sources close to Safaree allege that the rapper is planning to file a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj claiming unpaid royalties for his contributions to Minaj’s albums in addition to the songstress’ collaborations with Beyoncé for tracks “Feeling Myself” and “Flawless (Remix)” and Chris Brown, Drake, and Lil Wayne for “Only.”

Samuels’ sources further claim that the rapper has a “boatload of proof” of his involvement in the creation of Minaj’s music and notes that Nicki had previously acknowledged his contributions by crediting him as an executive producer on her first two albums.

Safaree Samuels denies reports suggesting that he filed a lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj.
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While Safaree has been outspoken about his desire to receive credit for his work on Minaj’s albums and recent single releases, the rapper is now claiming that he has yet to file an official lawsuit against Nicki and slams reports suggesting that he’s purposely trying to “extort” Minaj out of jealousy over her relationship with Philly rapper, Meek Mill.

During an interview with TMZ‘s “Rock Rants,” Safaree addresses Nicki’s recent Twitter rant regarding his decision to file a lawsuit against her within days of celebrating boyfriend Meek Mill’s 29th birthday on May 6.

“Tweeted on the 5th that the 6th was my baby’s bday. Celebrated on the 6th for his bday (publicly). Served w/a lawsuit on the 9th. lol,” Minaj explained to her followers on Twitter, noting that Safaree is also claiming to have been “physically & emotionally abused” during the duration of their relationship, Us Weekly reports.

Without naming Safaree directly in her post, Nicki continues, “You can’t even celebrate your happiness anymore w/o being victimized. Miserable ppl refuse to move on w/their lives Calling my mother crying. I said I’d help. But as soon as meek asked him to stop emailing me it’s a problem. LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!! PLEASE!!! LIKE I CANT EVEN CELEBRATE MY MAN BDAY W/O THIS MISERABLE SON OF A B**** TRYING TO EXTORT ME!!!!! Caught him stealing money and never prosecuted him!!!! Now I’m DOING IT. ENOUGH!!!!!”

In response to Minaj’s tweets, Safaree denies having filed a lawsuit against Nicki and claims he’s not attempting to extort her because he’s “miserable.”

“If I filed a lawsuit for something that high-profile it would be all over,” Safaree explains, “A lawyer speaking to another lawyer is not filing a lawsuit.”

When pressed about Nicki’s claims to have already received the lawsuit, Samuels continues, “A lawyer speaking to another lawyer is not extortion. Extortion is me, myself saying, ‘If I don’t A, B, C and this then I’m gonna A, B, C and that.’ I’m not dumb. When I go to handle my business, I’m gonna go about it the right way.”

Safaree further disputes Nicki’s Twitter claims by suggesting that he’s “far from miserable,” noting that he’s actually “very happy” and focused on his own musical career.

While Nicki has shown no interest in settling her feud with Safaree, the “Lifeline” rapper admits that he doesn’t “hold grudges” against people regardless of the nature of their conflict.

“Too much was done for me to really be like, ‘Yo, I hate this person,'” Safaree concludes. “I’m over it, it is what it is. Yeah, we had our rift, whatever. I’m not out here trying to like, you know…I’m doing my music.”

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