Ellen DeGeneres Says She’d Divorce Portia De Rossi If She Did This, Talks ‘Finding Dory’ Lesbian Couple Speculation

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been dogged by divorce rumors for years, but they’re still very much together. However, Ellen did recently admit that she would leave Portia if her wife made what many would consider an innocuous request involving her Finding Dory character.

At the Hollywood premiere of Finding Dory, Entertainment Tonight asked Ellen DeGeneres whether Portia de Rossi has ever begged her to do a Dory impression at home. Ellen answered in the negative, and she revealed that it would make her more than a bit uncomfortable if her wife was that big of a fan of her forgetful fish character. According to Ellen, asking her to act like a cartoon character is grounds for divorce.

“That would be very weird. I think I would leave her,” Ellen said. “That would be the end of our relationship.”

Ellen was obviously joking, but she made sure to make it crystal clear that Portia de Rossi has no interest in watching her act like the star of a TV show for young children; her wife is an adult woman who is not amused by animal voices and silly dancing.

“She’s not a child….[She’s not like,] ‘Talk whale to me! Dance for me!’ She doesn’t do any of those things,” Ellen said. “That would be bad if she said dance and talk whale at the same time.”

So now everyone knows that one of Ellen DeGeneres’ relationship deal breakers is asking her to act like sea creatures that can talk and dance, but what about Portia de Rossi? Is there something Ellen could do that would make the Scandal star want to divorce her wife of eight years?

Ellen can only hope that one of Portia’s deal breakers isn’t forgetting a wedding anniversary, because the talk show host pulled a major Dory by failing to remember the correct date of theirs while having her memory tested during an E! News interview. Ellen DeGeneres claimed that her wife is more forgetful than she is, and she also said that Portia de Rossi is more likely to forget a wedding or anniversary. However, Ellen is the one who got tripped up when she was asked to state the date she and Portia got hitched. Ellen said they tied the knot on August 16, 2004, but they didn’t get married until 2008 (the year 2004 is when she and Portia started dating).

It’s doubtful that Ellen DeGeneres’ little date slip-up will make Portia de Rossi love her any less. During a recent interview with Parade, Ellen gushed about the deep love that she and her wife share, and she said that she can’t understand why tabloids continue to claim that she and Portia are on the verge of getting a divorce. As Ellen points out, she and Portia spend tons of time together.

“I don’t pay attention [to rumors]. But we’ve been followed recently by the paparazzi, and we found out it’s because there’s a story out there that we’re getting divorced. We don’t know why. We’re together all the time. We genuinely love each other. Her happiness is my happiness, and vice versa. True love is caring more about the other person’s happiness than your own.”

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t just opening up about her own love life while promoting Finding Dory; she’s also sharing her thoughts about the love lives of two animated characters that appear in the movie. There’s been speculation that a scene in the Pixar movie’s trailer depicts a lesbian couple, but Ellen told USA Today that she thinks it’s not fair to assume that the women in question are lesbians simply because one of them has short hair.

“One of the women has really short hair,” Ellen said. “And I have to say, it’s not a great haircut because it was really chopped up in the back… I think people assume anyone with a bad short haircut is gay. Robin Wright has short hair. There are a lot of women that are straight that have short hair. It’s just not as common.”

If Portia de Rossi does have a secret desire to hear Ellen DeGeneres as Dory and wants to dodge divorce papers, she can get her fill of listening to the lost fish when Finding Dory hits theaters on June 17.

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