‘Arrow’ Season 5: Stephen Amell Teases Giant Crossover, Bratva Tattoo Back Story, And Vixen To Return?

Arrow season 5 will be upon us in a few months, and though many fans have likely moved onto their summer programming, or put Arrow on the back burner, teasers and information will continue to leak out over the summer. Stephen Amell has been busy giving Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and even Supergirl fans just enough information to intrigue them. Comicbook reports that Amell teased something huge for all four of The CW show’s fans recently.

“I think what we’ll end up seeing is one giant four-night crossover. No seriously. How we’re going to end up doing that…I don’t know. But um, this is really um, this is kind of an unprecedented moment in terms of the history of network television. To have four shows, same showrunner. Um, obviously Supergirl is in a little bit of a different universe, but we can fix that. That’s one line of dialogue and it’s all fixed. So I would suspect Oliver will be meeting Supergirl at some point.”

Arrow and The Flash crossover events have garnered some of the highest viewership, and fan appreciation, of any episode, so the showrunners and producers obviously want to continue to tap into that.

Arrow‘s Season 4 finale gave no real direction for Season 5, or the other DCTV/The CW shows, but The Flash Season 2 finale makes a crossover event very plausible. Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow can all easily come together for such a crossover event, but Supergirl could not crossover, without The Flash Season 2 finale’s “Flashpoint Paradox.”

Arrow Season 5 will conclude the show’s flashback segments, and catch everything up to the present day, so his entire journey will be complete. One of the unanswered elements from his past is his Russian tattoo, and the background with the Bratva that was merely hinted at in Season 3. Stephen Amell confirmed at Wizard World Philadelphia that the flashbacks would cover this. Amell couldn’t reveal much else, but things seem to be taking a different path behind the scenes, as he detailed to the audience.

“Typically by now, I would have gone to the writers’ room and we would have had long, lengthy discussions about the upcoming season, but I wrapped Arrow, I had a really nice end-of-season dinner with Greg Berlanti, which is what we always do. We chatted about the good, the bad, the ugly, what’s coming, what’s happened, et cetera, et cetera, but we had that, and I literally haven’t been home since the beginning of May.”

Vixen, a characer that shared her first animated season with Arrow and The Flash, and then guest-starred on the live-action Arrow, will finally get a little more of the shared spotlight this fall. Arrow has no specific plans to bring Vixen back, but Legends of Tomorrow does.

However, reports indicate, that Vixen actress Megalyn Echikunwoke will likely not be returning to the role for DCTV/The CW’s time traveling show. Echikunwoke stated that she might, but it depended on a few things.

“It’s all based on what the capacity for the CW is, what my availability is, it’s a lot of things, and Vixen’s really special so they want to find the right space for her.”

Echikunwoke and Vixen might not return to Arrow or The Flash, and the character is obviously coming to Legends of Tomorrow, but she would love to see the character succeed in the DCTV universe whether she’s a part of it either way.

“I’m open to any type of development of Vixen in live-action. I think the fans are there, and they deserve to have this character. They want this character. She’s really special, and an important part of the DC Universe, so I don’t see why she shouldn’t have the spotlight.”

Vixen could find herself back on Arrow in the big crossover event, but other than that, it does not seem likely. As Stephen Amell and others give fans glimpses into the fall, it does seem to tease that the DCTV Universe is expanding, and will likely be a lot of fun.

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