Mel Gibson Making A Sequel To ‘The Passion Of The Christ’

Mel Gibson has endured over a decade of shame following an incident with a DUI arrest and comments he made that were considered to be anti-semitic. That was around the same time his hit film, The Passion of the Christ, came out and scored huge box office draws all around the world.

Now, Mel Gibson and the original screenwriter for the film, Randall Wallace, will be teaming back up for a sequel to The Passion of the Christ, which focuses on the Resurrection.

Before Mel Gibson was considered a shamed Hollywood actor and director, he had a made slew of films that drew a lot of critical appraise as well as an Oscar. He directed and starred in his hit film, Braveheart. Gibson was also the major star that came out of the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon series’ of films.

Ever since Mel Gibson saw his success with The Passion of the Christ, he has moved on and abandoned any possibilities of following up with the story. That might have had something to do with his controversies in Hollywood surrounding his anti-semitic comments, but this is the first time that he has had any involvement with returning to faith-based films.

Although reps for Mel Gibson have not confirmed his involvement in the Passion sequel, his screenwriter, Randall Wallace, has already let the cat out of the bag, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Wallace has been known to work on more than just one project with Mel Gibson. He was nominated for an Academy Award for best screenplay for Gibson’s Braveheart, which ended up winning the Oscar for Best Picture.

Randall Wallace spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and gave them the official update for The Passion of the Christ sequel.

“I always wanted to tell this story. The Passion is the beginning and there’s a lot more story to tell,” Wallace told THR. “The evangelical community considers The Passion [to be] the biggest movie ever out of Hollywood, and they kept telling us that they think a sequel will be even bigger.”

Following Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, there have been a slew of faith-based films released in Hollywood that have followed it. Some of those movies have received some modest success at the box-office, which includes Randall Wallace’s own screenplay for the film, Heaven is for Real.

In regards to Mel Gibson making a follow up to The Passion that focuses on the Resurrection, there has also been a movie released by Sony recently that focuses on the same subject, which was titled Risen.

Although Mel Gibson has largely laid low since his controversial comments following his DUI arrest, he has made some films in Hollywood. But they were nothing close to the caliber of films that he had previously made such as The Passion, Braveheart, Payback, What Women Want, the Lethal Weapon series, and the Mad Max series.

But for what it’s worth, Randall Wallace has indeed confirmed that he and Mel Gibson have teamed back up for another The Passion of the Christ film that could prove to be something that could bring Gibson back to prominence in Hollywood.

But while we are on the topic of Mel Gibson and Lethal Weapon, there has been a TV series ordered that is based off the franchise. There has also been a rumor floating around Hollywood that there could be another Lethal Weapon film that could reunite Mel Gibson with actor Danny Glover. But, of course, those are just rumors at this point and there has been no official word yet as to whether or not that will actually come to fruition.

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