Judd Apatow’s Theory That ‘Ghostbusters’ Haters Are Donald Trump Supporters

Judd Apatow claims that haters of his produced reboot of Ghostbusters happen to be supporters of Donald Trump, according to CNN.

In his recent interview with Uproxx, Judd Apatow found an uncanny common demographic between haters of the upcoming film and those who support the GOP frontrunner Trump.

Judd Apatow, who previously said the Ghostbusters reboot “stars the funniest people on Earth,” has found a new way of responding to critics.

“I would assume there’s a very large crossover of people who are doubtful Ghostbusters will be great and people excited about the Donald Trump candidacy.”

Thus, Judd Apatow strongly believes that haters of Ghostbusters and people who will vote for Trump on U.S. presidential election 2016 are “the exact same people.” The Ghostbusters reboot has been severely criticized ever since the project was first announced.

What has been criticized by the critics is the fact that Judd Apatow decided to remake the 1984 classic movie with a female cast. Moreover, what doesn’t make sense to some viewers now that Apatow claims Trump supporters hate his film is that the only black actress in the film plays the only non-scientist among Ghostbusters.

This fact alone raises a question to Judd Apatow: why would Donald Trump supporters hate the film considering the fact that people who are willing to vote for Trump support his racist comments as well?

Judd Apatow praised the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot as being “made by the great Paul Feig and stars the funniest people on Earth.” The movie, which hits theaters next month, stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as the title characters.

Judd Apatow also said he believes the film will be a success, adding that too much attention is being paid to “just some angry trolls.”

“It’s not like anybody really cares about a couple of idiots who hold onto the idea that things never evolve.”

In other news, Judd Apatow’s penis was the subject of a five-minute conversation between Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping stars Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer, according to Cinema Blend.

The actors gathered for an Uproxx interview to promote their new film, and the subject of Judd Apatow’s penis somehow came up. And it would go unnoticed, but the stars talked about it for five whole minutes.

However, those who wanted to see Judd Apatow’s penis in the film were left disappointed: it never made it in the movie. Instead, they used a prosthetic penis just in case the actors would be uncomfortable by the producer’s manhood. Or at least that’s what Apatow’s fans thought before this interview.

Co-writer and co-director Akiva Schaffer admitted that he got the opportunity to see what Judd Apatow’s penis looks like. Lots of times. It’s because Apatow spent months sending him all kinds of photos of his manhood to convince the crew to give his penis a chance to appear in the film.

But the actors refused to irrevocably confirm that it was Judd Apatow’s penis in the film. But judging by the entire conversation, it seems like it was, in fact, Apatow’s manhood that appeared. And right at the end of the interview, Samberg blurted out that it was Apatow’s penis after all.

This is quite a promotion for the new film, and box office figures for the film will show if Judd Apatow’s penis brings good viewership or not.

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