Latest Barstool Sports Broadcast Features Racist Sideline Reporter Blasting Mexicans, Chinese, And Jews

In the latest episode of Barstool Sports’ Facebook Live program, Barstool Rundown, a Fox Sports reporter didn’t hold back as she spouted one racist and bigoted comment after another. During the 35-minute, live Barstool Sports show Emily Austen managed to offend Mexicans, Chinese people, and Jewish people by making some comments that have since apparently led to her losing her job, or at least facing a lengthy suspension.

The Barstool Sports broadcast show, where the guests run down a bunch of viral sports topics of the day and the week, was deleted from Facebook shortly after it aired. There were some people, according to Uproxx, who thought Emily Austen’s comments were the reason for the video being taken down. Those who produce the Barstool Sports show claimed they were working on editing the video and accidentally deleted it instead.

Luckily for those who wanted to see exactly what Emily Austen thinks of several minority groups, someone was able to save the video from being wiped off the Internet forever and uploaded it to Vimeo for our viewing pleasure. Austen didn’t hold back on her thoughts about specific people in the video either. About 11 minutes into the Barstool Sports show, Austen calls Cleveland Cavaliers center Kevin Love “a little b****.” This alone seemed like a very interesting move, considering as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports, she might find herself in the locker room with Love at some point in her career.

Things only got worse for Emily Austen as the Barstool Sports program went on and took a turn when the roundtable began discussing the recent story of the class valedictorian who announced she was an undocumented immigrant. Austen decided she wanted to take the low road when it came to discussing this issue, commenting that she “didn’t even know Mexicans were that smart.” That comment happened around the 24:25 mark in the video and just a few minutes later, at the 26:10 mark, Austen shifts her talk to Jewish people.

When another member of the Barstool Sports round table makes a comment about Jews being stingy, Emily Austen joins in with a story from when she was waiting tables in Florida. The sideline reporter claims she had first-hand knowledge of Jews being “poor tippers” and the rest of the group was more than happy to agree wholeheartedly with the assertion. Austen went further by telling her account of an incident where a customer, whom she believed was Jewish, complained about how she poured his beer. She added he was a regular customer who would complain about everything.

Almost as an after thought, or maybe because Austen wanted to make sure to offend as many people as possible during the Barstool Sports segment, she also claimed she knew the “Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in math class.” While Emily Austen is likely wishing the video had remained deleted from the Internet for good, those who have managed to salvage it have likely given her career a bit of a blow.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Fox Sports did get ahold of the video where Austen makes comments to a degree that make you wonder if she realized she was being recorded. Shortly after the video started making the rounds on the web, Fox announced she will not be appearing on any upcoming broadcasts. One has to wonder what Austen was thinking by making the comments she did on Barstool Sports. Did she know her career was about to take a serious hit?

Barstool Sports’ broadcasts are the type that welcome controversy. It’s a safe bet Barstool Sports producers aren’t all that unhappy the video managed to make the rounds after all, but Emily Austen is likely regretting letting so many offensive comments out into the air.

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