May 1, 2018
'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers For Wed., May 2: Victoria Lies, Nick Struggles & Phyllis Takes A Stand

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, May 2 reveal strong temptations, strong support, and strong questions for residents of Genoa City.

Paul (Doug Davidson) digs deeper into the unusually mysterious disappearance of J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) and not surprisingly, he has more questions to ask Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Unfortunately for the GCPD Chief, there are questions Victoria absolutely does not want to answer. Even so, she faces yet another grilling from Paul about the exact circumstances surrounding J.T.'s departure.

Victoria made a pact with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Sharon (Sharon Case), and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), and she plans to keep that pact despite the fact that her guilty conscience eats at her. Despite her attempts to stay calm during Paul's questioning, something about her answers arouses Paul's suspicion, so they're not out of the woods yet regarding J.T.'s murder.

While his sister faces her struggle, Nick (Joshua Morrow) faces a huge struggle of his own. Even though he's been there, done that multiple times, Nick deals with his once again growing feelings for his ex-wife Sharon. Ever since she revealed the truth about Christian's paternity, they've grown closer despite Nick's other ex-wife Phyllis's best efforts to keep that from happening.

Living together, the boundaries blur even further, and Nick faces plenty of temptation at Sharon's. Tomorrow, he tries to fight his growing feelings while also trying to get help for Sharon. Of course, Sharon struggles with crushing guilt over her part in J.T.'s murder, so this may not lead to the rosy reunion that some "Shick" fans hope to see in the future. In fact, some May sweeps spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that things could heat up with Nick and Phyllis instead, which probably won't set too well with her beau Billy (Jason Thompson).

Across town, Phyllis lends her friendly support to Hilary (Mishael Morgan). Hilary finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place with her pregnancy lie spinning out of control as the days go by. At this point, she's not about to confess the truth to Devon (Bryton James), and her friend Phyllis stands up for her whether she deserves it or not. Could Phyllis help Hilary out with her baby schemes or will she remain ignorant of Hilary's true predicament?

Tomorrow catch these The Young and the Restless spoilers in action on CBS or POP.