James Franco’s ‘Future World’ With Lineup Of Stars, Plus Stephen King’s ‘Drunken Fireworks’

James Franco is both appearing in, and co-directing, the post-apocalyptic movie Future World and the lineup includes Lucy Liu and other impressive stars of note. He will also be starring in a movie adaptation of the Stephen King short story, Drunken Fireworks.

As reported by Deadline, the film Future World is set in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by disease, suffering from extreme heat and crippled by endless war.

The story follows the young Prince from the Oasis – one of the last known safe havens in the world – as he heads out on a journey through the wasteland, looking for medicine to save his dying mother.

Accompanied only by his faithful bodyguard, and with only a very slim hope the medicine even exists, the Prince forges on, facing dangers at every turn. Ultimately he ends up fighting the Warlord who runs the world, who takes control of a beautiful and life-like robot assassin.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Milla Jovovich was signed on in the role of a drug lord and along with her, Lucy Liu, Suki Waterhouse, Snoop Dogg and Method Man have joined the impressive crew.

Future World is based on an original story written by Franco, with Bruce Cheung and Jay Davis writing the screenplay. Reportedly, the post-apocalyptic epic has completed its principal filming and is now heading to the editing bay.

There is no word as yet as to when Future World will hit the theaters.

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In the meantime, James Franco is not resting on his laurels, so to speak. Having recently starred in the lead role of the miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s 11.22.63, it has recently been reported he will now appear in Drunken Fireworks, a film adaptation, also hailing from the pen of horror icon King. Reportedly, the film is based on King’s 2015 short story of the same name.

Not only will Franco star in the film, but he will also be serving as executive producer and may possibly direct the film as well.

As reported by Deadline, Drunken Fireworks tells the haunting Stephen King tale of a small rural town in Maine where a blue-collar mechanic by the name of Alden McCausland (to be played by Franco) gets into a competition with a retired mob boss, Nicky Serrano, who moves in across the lake from where Alden and his mother live.

Each year Alden puts on a Fourth of July fireworks show, which is famed in the small town, but that year Serrano outdoes him with a fireworks display of his own.

This leads to what is known as the “Fourth of July Arms Race” as each party tries to outdo the other, leading naturally to disastrous consequences.

The film will be produced by Rubicon Entertainment along with Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Productions and the script is being penned by Matthew Rager, who has previously worked with Franco on other films, including As I Lay Dying, The Sound and the Fury and an upcoming drama movie In Dubious Battle.

Franco is also starring in an upcoming romantic comedy film, Why Him?

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