Stacey Dash Claims Her Gun Saved Her Life In Assault

Stacey Dash, who is a Fox News contributor, claims that having a gun saved her life when she had been repeatedly raped by a man. Although this incident was detailed in her new book, There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative, she does not share any details about having reported any of these incidents to the police when they occurred, over 25 years ago.

In her book, Stacey Dash details what had happened to her before she became a famous actress on the movie Clueless. Dash’s account of the incident, as reported by E! News, was that she had been raped by an ex-boyfriend at gunpoint while her infant son Austin was asleep in a bassinet, close to where the incident occurred.

Although Stacey Dash did not specify why, she wrote that she had moved in with a friend after the incident and that she had a .22 caliber revolver that she kept upstairs. It would be safe to assume that Dash might have moved in with a friend because she was scared of her ex-boyfriend, who had turned into her stalker.

But the first incident was doomed to repeat itself and Stacey Dash’s stalker had found out where she lived. He had burst into the new home Dash lived in and started another violent escapade that was likely to graduate to another rape. But Dash said that she was able to get away from him and run upstairs to get her gun.

Stacey Dash said that the man had chased her upstairs and that he was going to continue his assault. That was when Dash lifted the gun up to the man’s head and pulled the trigger. The bullet missed and she said she pulled the trigger a total of three times, but missed every time.

Fortunately, the man had fled Dash’s home and that was enough to keep him away, even though he never truly got shot.

“It was a tough shot to make, since he was coming up and I was going down. My depth perception was off, and I was so disoriented by fear and anger that I missed,” Dash wrote in her book. “But by this time, I was committed. I wanted to kill him. I pulled the trigger two more times, missing him each time. However, he got the message loud and clear.”

It is fortunate that Stacey Dash was able to resolve the situation without killing the man, but not for a lack of trying. The gun Dash claimed to have used for this incident did not seem to have anything wrong with it, but she was able to get out of the situation with her life and not having the stain of death looming over her.

“The reality is that having a gun saved my life—and no big-government bully can take that right from me,” Stacey Dash wrote in her book. “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a gun-carrying woman is less of a target and more empowered than one cowering on the floor waiting for ‘what’s coming to her.’ I’ve been both. But this time, I chose to be empowered.”

One thing that is worth mentioning is that Stacey Dash has also been in the news in recent months for her stance on political issues, which includes the negative comments she made on Fox News about the Black Lives Matter movement. Dash has also been prominently featured on Fox News while making scathing comments about liberals as well as pushing conservative news agendas that are common talking points for the Republican Party, the NRA, and Fox News.

Stacey Dash’s new book will release on June 6 and shares details of the 49-year-old actress’ life.

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