‘Shield’ Actor Michael Jace Convicted In Wife’s Shooting Death

Michael Jace, an actor most famous for his role on the FX cop-drama The Shield, was convicted of 2nd degree murder today, for the shooting death of his wife.

Jace reportedly shot his wife in front of their two children, a fact which his defense team admitted in court. However, he claims to have only intended to wound her. The trial of the former Shield star lasted only a week, including jury deliberation, before Michael Jace was convicted of 2nd degree murder.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jace retrieved a gun during an altercation with his wife with the initial intent of shooting himself. After he reportedly “couldn’t do it,” Jace decided instead to shoot his wife in the leg — his wife was an avid runner and the former actor claimed he wanted to “inflict pain” upon her. April Jace was shot twice in the legs, and once in the back, resulting in her death, which was partially witnessed by the couple’s two young sons.

“This is about control and obsession. When she says ‘no more, I have to get out of this,’ he kills her,” said Deputy District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef during her closing arguments.

According to prosecutors, however, Michael Jace knew what he was doing and fully intended to murder his wife. Prosecutors alleged that Jace retrieved the gun and waited for his wife to get home, after which time he shot her in the back and taunted her as he shot her in each of her legs.

“If you like running, then run to heaven,” Michael Jace reportedly said before shooting April Jace for the second time.

April’s adult son, Savoy Brown, was present during the trial and told the press that the family was “pleased with the verdict.” Prosecutor Tannaz Mokayef stated that the potential sentence would be around 40 years to life in prison.

Michael Jace’s attorneys never argued against the fact that Jace shot his wife three times, but the defense hinged on the jury’s interpretation of events – whether or not Jace could have reasonably shot his wife “accidentally” three times without knowing that she would die from her injuries.

“I don’t know how you can shoot somebody three times and call it an accident,” said Mokayef during her closing arguments.

Michael Jace’s defense team argued for a conviction of voluntary manslaughter, a lesser charge. Jace has been notoriously absent of emotion during the trial, a fact which has garnered some criticism from family members and in particular April Jace’s family. But, according to Jace’s attorney Jamon Hicks, Jace is remorseful for killing his wife, but has refrained from outbursts of emotion out of respect for April Jace’s family.

The prosecution’s argument against Michael Jace hinged on the details of the event, whether or not Jace intended to shoot her three times, and whether or not he did so with “malice” and “forethought.” Prosecutor Tannaz Mokayef reiterated to the jury how difficult it really was to fire the gun used by Jace during the shooting.

“Do you remember the ballistics expert explaining how heavy that trigger pull was? Like holding a gallon of milk with one finger. Each pull of the trigger is a reflection, each pull of the trigger is a thought,” said Mokayef, reports the New York Daily News.

Michael Jace was arrested for the shooting back in 2014, after police were called to the couple’s Hyde Park home. Jace was imprisoned with a bail of $2 million, and has remained in jail ever since.

Jace had minor roles in Planet of the Apes, Boogie Nights, and Forrest Gump along with a starring role in the FX cop-drama The Shield.

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