Apple is a girlie girl company

Steven Hodson - Author

Sep. 16 2013, Updated 8:10 a.m. ET

If there is one thing that Apple is famous for is the overall simplification of technology as evidenced by the success of the iPod and iPhone. Even today you take a look at any consumer electronics product such as televisions, stereos and even our required remote controls, every one of them comes with an instruction manual in multiple languages and big enough ins some cases to choke a horse.

Now look at the iPod and iPhone – they just work. They are designed to let the consumer get right to using them rather than having to spend an ungodly amount of time trying to figure out the instructions and then actually applying them. Apple gets that women are driving nearly 80% of all consumer purchases and have tilted their product design in their direction through simplicity and ease of use.

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As Bridget Brennan points out in her Forbes post

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Is it too much to attribute at least some of Apple’s success to its female-friendly approach to product design? If women are indeed influencing nearly two-thirds of consumer electronics sales, surely that says something.

Here’s how Apple does it:

Apple has feminized the formerly dude-driven world of stereo equipment. Consider the iPod; small, elegant and curvy, it’s everything that stereo equipment never was. Traditional stereo shops seem as out of date as vinyl, and stand in contrast to Apple stores, which are light, bright and bursting with women. Though pink is offered as one of many color choices, women buy iPods because of their performance.

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This might be the case but I don’t think it would be a really good idea to suggest to some of those guys out there – especially the ones bigger than you – that they are turning girlie girl because they use Apple products.


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