Meghan Trainor ‘Freaked Out’ & ‘Yelled’ At Her Team To Pull Photoshopped ‘Me Too’ Music Video

Meghan Trainor is opening up about her recent music video photoshop controversy and revealing how she “freaked out” and “yelled” at her team in tears to demand that the altered video be pulled from VEVO after she spotted the serious editing.

Megan spoke out about her decision to pull her “Me Too” music video after she discovered that she had been digitally altered to make her waist look smaller and her legs look longer in a new interview with The Sun, as Trainor confessed that she actually felt she looked “great” in the unedited version.

“It was everywhere. I have never yelled at my team and I yelled at them. I was like, ‘Take it down now!'” Meghan told The Sun of the moment she discovered the photoshop body alterations in a new interview, admitting that she “called everyone crying” demanding the piece be deleted.

“We are still banging our heads against the wall. It looked like a bad job! It wasn’t normal-looking at all,” Trainor said of her waist in the original music video, confessing that she “cried so hard that day” amid the photoshop drama.

In the same interview, Meghan Trainor also revealed that she and her team have identified exactly who was behind the photoshop controversy, revealing that she’s “got names” of the entire editing team who worked on her “Me Too” music video, which has since been re-uploaded online without alterations.

“I thought these editing guys, or anyone who is doing my photos for a magazine, would remember the biggest song I ever had,” Trainor continued, referring to her 2014 single, “All About That Bass,” which celebrated bodies of all shapes and sizes.

“I got frustrated and sad. I said, ‘Did that corset and tight Spanx not help enough?’ I thought I looked amazing. I’ve never looked that good in a video,” Trainor said. “I was like, ‘Is this someone saying I am too big?'”

Meghan Trainor previously spoke out about her decision to pull her edited “Me Too” video in an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this month, where Meghan revealed that she was “embarrassed” and worried her fans would be angry with her over the issue.

“I was so embarrassed. I thought [fans] would attack me,” Trainor said, admitting that she thought her biggest fans would say, “‘She’s Photoshopping! She can’t be doing that!’ [But] they were just rooting me on,” Meghan revealed, “Everyone was so kind.”

“For me, I was like ‘Man, I wear enough Spanx. I don’t need to be cut in half,'” Trainor continued of the altered “Me Too” music video in the interview. “It’s just not who I am. I don’t want to promote that, even if it means take down the video and shock the world for a minute,” Meghan added.

Meghan Trainor 'Yelled' Through Tears At Her Team To Pull Photoshopped 'Me Too' Music Video
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In a previous interview with Entertainment Tonight, Meghan Trainor also admitted that she took “full responsibility” for the alteration issue after confessing that she originally signed-off on the piece without noticing the dramatic photoshop that made Meghan’s waist appear several inches smaller.

“I take full blame for not seeing it,” Meghan continued of the altered version in an interview with the site earlier this month. “It was very rushed, and I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to the dance scene,” Trainor confessed.

“When I saw it out, the fans were posting pictures of it, and I said, ‘Why are fans, like, Photoshopping my waist?'” Meghan Trainor recalled, “And then I said, ‘Oh god, is that the video?’ Then I freaked out and called everyone.”

What do you think of Meghan Trainor’s decision to pull and re-upload her “Me Too” music video amid the photoshop controversy?

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