Tom Cruise Couch Jump Recalled: Katie Holmes Protects Suri Cruise From Scientology Amid Jamie Foxx Rumors [Video]

Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah Winfrey’s couch on her talk show 11 years ago, and it’s gone down in history of one of the more memorable celebrity antics, pointed out E! News.

Cruise didn’t just shock the usually calm Oprah. Tom also created a memory that has provided other celebrity antics with a shock value measuring stick. Recently, for example, Kanye West startled even Ellen DeGeneres by ranting on her talk show, and Hollywood Life contrasted Kanye’s performance on the Ellen Show with Cruise’s demonstration of how he couldn’t contain his love for Katie Holmes on Oprah’s show.

During his eight-minute rant, West leaped from his chair to encourage the crowd on Ellen’s show. It paralleled the way that Tom couldn’t hold himself back from proclaiming his love for Katie by leaping onto Oprah’s couch.

“I’m in love!” Cruise yelled, pumping his fists and raising his arms high in a victory signal.

The Twittersphere also noted the similarities.

As for what happened after Cruise leaped on that couch, married Katie, and became the father of Suri Cruise, the details of what happened to cause Holmes to file for sole custody of Suri and secretly prepare her divorce without Tom’s knowledge have remained cloaked, pointed out Redbook.

To protect herself and her daughter, Katie got away from Scientology by using a disposable cell phone to contact lawyers from different law firms in three different states. Holmes allegedly was fearful that Cruise was monitoring all of her phone calls and thus wanted to arrange for her divorce without her then-husband’s knowledge.

Katie Holmes secretly planned her divorce from Tom Cruise to protect her daughter.
Katie Holmes secretly planned her divorce from Tom Cruise to protect her daughter. [Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images]

One of the reasons for their split reportedly was that Katie was concerned Tom would send Suri to Sea Org, which is a rigid faction in the Church of Scientology. Holmes rented a secret place in New York to protect her daughter.

Katie continues to protect Suri, seeking to give her a normal life, according to Radar Online.

Following her 2012 divorce from Cruise, Holmes has focused on doing what it takes to keep Suri “grounded.” And in some cases, that comes with a high price tag, such as her private school that costs nearly $50,000 annually.

In addition, the little girl does not get any type of special treatment.

Katie Holmes seeks to protect Suri Cruise.
Katie Holmes seeks to protect Suri Cruise. [Photo by Elsa/Getty Images]

“The other parents haven’t been given any special instructions about having Suri as a classmate to their children,” a source revealed to Radar. “They were never told not to talk to the press or to treat Suri differently. [Katie is] just like all the other parents at the school.”

The efforts that Holmes has made achieved her goal.

“[Suri] seems to be like every other kid out there now,” added the source.

As to how Katie has done in the romantic department since her divorce from Cruise? Gossip Cop noted that rumors have swirled that Holmes is involved with Jamie Foxx.

One recent story claimed that Katie and Jamie were planning a wedding and that she was four months pregnant with his baby, who supposedly was a girl. That tale also claimed that Foxx “panicked” and therefore wanted to delay the wedding until the baby was born, with Holmes getting so upset that she wanted to cancel the wedding completely.

Katie also reportedly felt “insecure” about the romance and worried about bringing up another child on her own. However, a spokesperson for Holmes revealed that the entire story is “all false.” Katie is not pregnant, and she is not engaged.

As for the rumors that Holmes and Foxx were getting ready to march down the wedding aisle? The rep for Katie and a rep for Jamie revealed that the plans for a wedding ceremony are not true.

[Photo by Elsa/Getty Images]