‘Hello, Hello’ By Z.TAO: Wiz Khalifa Featured On Track By Former K-Pop Idol Of EXO

In both K-pop and C-pop today, one of the most popular boy groups if not the most popular boy group presently is EXO. Such a prestigious title is not puffed-up propaganda, as EXO has the accolades to back up such a claim. In 2015 alone, they accounted for over one million album sales, about a third of total album sales among all musical artists signed on to SM Entertainment. Not only that, but EXO’s appeal is of such prominence in China, Disney wanted them to be the ambassadors for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the country. Summarized, EXO may not just be the most popular, but they may literally be the best.

Unfortunately, EXO is also plagued by unfortunate situations among its members. Luhan, Kris, and Tao are currently in lawsuits against their entertainment agency, the one responsible for creating EXO, SM Entertainment. They also are seeking to continue their entertainment careers after their lives in EXO. This is especially true for Tao, who has suspended all his activities with EXO and SM Entertainment as of April of 2015.

More than one year later, Tao has returned to the music scene now called Z.Tao. Under his new self-label Huang Z.Tao Studio, he has released a new song titled “Hello, Hello.” Apparently, Z.Tao is aiming for an international release because he is featuring one of the most popular American rappers in the industry today on this track, Wiz Khalifa.

Chatter about Huang Zitao, better known as Z.Tao and his upcoming solo album gained traction after he made its announcement back in March. Details on the upcoming album were originally limited at the time, but Z.Tao made it known it would be a double album to be released in both physical and digital form. He also released the title of said album, The Road. Since then, more information was released, including an accompanying concert tour to take place in Nanjing, China, on May 1, and the album will consist of four songs with four music videos.

The first song and music video, “Hello, Hello,” recently dropped, many were surprised to see that popular American rapper Wiz Khalifa was featured. This made many fans believe that Z.Tao was aiming to make his album appealing not just to Korean and Chinese audience but to an international audience.

Besides that, “Hello, Hello” is a very good song, as detailed by KpopStarz. It features very powerful raps by both Z.Tao and Wiz Khalifa alongside by a very sensual beat with a piano backing. As for the music video, it shows both rappers showcasing their talents as they switch between scenes in a club and outside during a thunderstorm.

It should be noted that Z.Tao’s upcoming album release is just the next in a long line of activities and projects he has participated in over the past year. Prior to “Hello, Hello,” Z.Tao released other songs including “I’m The Sovereign,” “The Road,” and “Underground King.” Z.Tao is also scheduled to film three Chinese movies during 2016. Finally, Z.Tao has appeared on variety shows, including Ace vs. Ace and Law of the Jungle.

[Image via Z.Tao’s Official Instagram]

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