Manchester United Why They Are Not Cheaters

With the current ranking of Manchester United requiring just shy of 20 more goals to enter the Champion’s League, it may cause some fans and anti-fans to speculate a rather devilish mentality emerging from the Red Devils. However, statistics and evidence as mentioned by Fox Sports demonstrates that Manchester United doesn’t need to cheat.

Despite the love Manchester United receives from around the world, it looks like it is still not enough to get them to where we want them to be. However, it does put a bunch of cash in their pockets, and in the end, isn’t that what makes them winners?

With all of that money that is thrown at M.U. from their fans, why can’t they just tuck a few extra dollars in the officials’ pockets? It wouldn’t be an unseen circumstance; earlier this year, the Inquisitr reported on match fixing, although it had nothing to do with Manchester United, it shows that match fixing is a very real ordeal.

In this day and age, money talks and they can easily throw out a few dollars, especially with being one of the wealthiest teams in their division. Even if Manchester United doesn’t want to pay the officials, they can pass it off to the next team they play. They went toe to toe with Bournemouth, still having enough time to gain the goals they need to enter the Championship league, but couldn’t gain all the required goals. They had all the resources to cheat their way into the Championships but didn’t utilize them, showing just how respectable of a team that Manchester United really are.

Just to recap on a bit of their achievements this year, it’s almost hard not to wonder why they aren’t in the Championships. Were they victims of match-fixing? Just within the past two weeks, Rashford scored his seventh in 12 games, and Smalling got the player’s player of the year award. Gea won the United player of the year, and Martial won Manchester United “a goal of the season” award. Cameron Jackson even won a U21 award. How can this skill level that we have come to know as Manchester United, not be in the championship?

As mentioned above, it’s no secret that they are so well liked, but what makes them, Manchester United? They are a team that’s focused on making their fans happy and working to make them as successful as they are. They started that by offering Manchester United Soccer Schools, giving young soccer players (or as they say in the soccer world “footballers”) opportunities to further their soccer skills and grow their aspirations to one day kick for Manchester United.

An easy way to gain different countries love for your team is to gather top players from different parts of the world, and Manchester United has done a good job of that, by not just looking around Europe, but gathering players from Asian and African countries where Soccer has become a national sport. This is further monopolized through fan clubs in almost every major city all over the globe and Manchester United has a rather lengthy record of holding tours throughout Africa, America, and Asia.

There is no reason to cheat their way to the top because they are already at the top of their fans’ hearts by playing with passion and focusing on ways to give back to their community and providing outlets for younger generations of soccer players to grow into professional athletes. Manchester United has won four league cups and even a FIFA world cup, not to mention their numerous league titles. It’s safe to say that Manchester United is a team that is already confident in their abilities.

[Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images]