See Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman’s Adorable ‘The Fighter’ Duet

Keith Urban shared an adorable video of himself with his wife, Nicole Kidman, on Facebook Thursday. You could almost hear the collective, “Awww!” across the internet as the, obviously, very much in love pair performed a duet of his new song, “The Fighter.”

In the video, Keith and Nicole are in their car when the song from Urban’s newly-released album, Ripcord, comes on the radio. Kidman shouts, “Oh my God, I love this song,” to which Urban replies with a smile, “Thank goodness.”

Keith’s adoring wife takes over Carrie Underwood’s vocals throughout the song. She shows off her acting skills as she plays out some of the lyrics. She bites her nails as she sings, “What if I’m scared,” and covers her face with her hands to, “What if I cry?” Kidman grooves to the music in between her parts as Urban sweetly serenades her. The two are laughing like teenagers by the end of the song when they share a loving embrace.

Carrie Underwood tweeted her approval of the duet, saying, “Oh my goodness, I love this!!! Could they be any more adorable?!” The “Chruch Bells” singer added that Nichole sounds “pretty good.”

Keith Urban replied to Carrie’s tweet, joking that it’s what they like to call “Carrie Okie.”

Urban recently discussed his collaboration with Carrie Underwood with The Boot. Although they faced scheduling challenges that made the duet difficult to pull off, Keith never considered anyone but Carrie Underwood for “The Fighter.”

“I love her voice. Love it. And I actually think she’s got so much more to go. She’s really really, really talented and she’s just really starting to discover what she can do as a singer, so I was really happy she wanted to sing on this song.”

Urban went on to explain that while the song isn’t a “traditional duet, where there’s a lot for the girl to sing,” it’s still a very “important role in the song.” Keith stressed the disco-inspired song’s simplicity. He said “The Fighter” appealed to him because it was written based on the “idea of a simple conversation, simplistic conversation, a very simple question-and-answer scenario in the chorus.”

Keith Urban was ready to push the boundaries with Ripcord and wasn’t overly concerned with staying strictly within one particular genre. In addition to Carrie Underwood, Urban called on a more unexpected artist, rapper Pitbull, for another track on Ripcord. Urban explained he wanted to explore new sounds, as well as new artists, writers, and producers on this album.

“I really haven’t thought in terms of parameters at all with this record, but I feel very sure that I’ve stayed true to myself musically, and that’s really the journey for me. I want to go out to the edges of where I can go, before I lose myself and then it just doesn’t sound like me anymore.”

While Ripcord proves Keith Urban isn’t afraid to stretch the boundaries as far as the sound and style of his music, another project shows he’s not afraid to test them with his lyrics, either. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trent Harmon’s first single after winning American Idol, “Falling,” was co-written by Keith Urban. Harmon chatted with Rolling Stone about the risqué lyrics that were penned by Urban.

Trent Harmon revealed that he initially had no idea Keith Urban helped write his Idol coronation song. Urban didn’t tell Harmon until “2 or 3 hours before the finale” that he wrote it. Trent, who has a wholesome, farm-boy image, admitted he was somewhat at a loss for words when he stumbled upon the second verse, written by Keith Urban, that obviously refers to oral sex.

With lyrics like, “You slide your fingers through my hair and tell me ‘take it slow’/And I know what you want/And so I go down on my knees/I’m here to please,” it’s hard to deny what they’re about.

“We were listening to [the demo] and reading through the lyric sheet and I said, ‘Oh, wow. Cool, bro!’ I really didn’t know what to say.”

While Trent only sang the first verse on American Idol, he said changing Keith Urban’s lyrics for the full version never crossed his mind because “You’ve got to grow up sometime.”

Ripcord was released on May 6 and is Keith Urban’s ninth studio album. Urban will kick off his Ripcord World Tour on June 2. Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris will join him as special guests.

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