Shaun Phillips wants that Erin Andrews video, asks Twitter peeps

NFL players themselves are not immune to the Erin Andrews peephole nude video scandal that has swept the Interwebs over the past week, with San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Shaun Phillips asking via Twitter for a copy of the highly-sought-after video.

Phillips tweeted on his personal Twitter account yesterday to Oakland Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison: “@kirkmorrison52 wheres the erin andrews video son”. After that evidently didn’t work, followed it up with “someone send me the link to the erin andrews video” to the general public.

While he got a fair few replies to his ShaunPhillips95 account, some of the feedback mentioned that he could get infected by one of the trojan attacks that have attached themselves to various versions of the video, moving him to tweet “Ok forget I don’t want a virus but thanks all.”

I would think that the next time Erin Andrews walks into the Chargers locker room after a game, she might give the Phillips locker a wide berth.

via The Rookies