NFL Rumors: Michael Vick Just Hinted At Either Retirement Or Wanting To Rejoin The Eagles

Michael Vick is truly nearing the end of his career in the NFL, but he doesn’t appear to be quite done with things yet. Currently, Vick is a free agent who played with the Pittsburgh Steelers last season, and he’s still looking for work. Well, maybe he’s looking for work. The veteran quarterback made a couple of social media posts that have the sports world confused as to whether he is ready to retire or looking to rejoin the Philadelphia Eagles.

All of this confusion started on Monday when Sam Bradford let the Eagles know that they were looking for a trade. ESPN reported that it came as quite a shock to Bradford that the Eagles traded up in the 2016 NFL Draft to take a quarterback who will likely be Carson Wentz. Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, said it could have been handled better.

“As they were making this plan, it would have been nice if they had told him about it. It’s his right to demand a trade and he wants to be traded.”

Not long after all that happened, Michael Vick ended up having his name thrown into the mix, but not by anyone actually in Philadelphia. First of all, though, many fans believe he had actually called it quits and decided to retire.

Vick posted this image on Twitter without saying a single word. He didn’t include a caption or do anything but post the picture of him saluting in an Eagles jersey. 24/7 Sports reported that people freaked out because it seemed like he was saluting the fans and saying he was retiring.

Around the same time he posted that on Twitter, he put the same picture up on his official Facebook page. There was a slight change with the second post though as he included a small caption that made a huge difference.

“Reportin for duty”

That goes to show you that he wasn’t letting the world know of his retirement from the NFL, but that he was ready to play. With all of the drama in Philadelphia and Sam Bradford wanting out, the Eagles are in a bit of a spot.

Earlier this offseason, they traded quarterback Mark Sanchez away to the Denver Broncos, and now the Eagles are without much of anyone. Bradford demanding a trade leaves them in a place where whoever they draft on Thursday is essentially going to be thrust into the franchise quarterback spot.

Fox Sports has caught wind of Vick’s tweets and pointed out how he has at least “one more dedicated season” left in him. He’s about to turn 36-years-old, but he wants to keep playing and would be happy to return to Pittsburgh or end up in Philly.

Last season, Michael Vick played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in which he appeared in five games and completed 40 passes for 371 yards and two touchdowns. Before that, he played one lackluster season with the New York Jets.

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Vick had five pretty successful seasons in Philadelphia, and right now, he’s not in the league at all. He’s more than willing to return to the Eagles, but the truth is, he’d be happy to be signed by just about any team that will have him.

Right now, the Philadelphia Eagles have a lot on their plate with the Sam Bradford drama and preparing for the 2016 NFL Draft this weekend. Looking into signing Michael Vick again may not be high on their priority list, but it could be an option if they can’t find another veteran quarterback. Carson Wentz looks to be the future in Philly, and it’s led to some burned bridges and some confusion in the football world.

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