Did Marissa Jackson Commit Suicide Due To Jay-Z’s Alleged Cheating On Beyoncé?

The Beyoncé Lemonade visual album continues to create lots of fallout. As reported by the Inquisitr, as soon as Beyoncé fans got wind of allegations of Jay-Z cheating on her — perhaps with a “Becky with the good hair” that might have been designer Rachel Roy — some of her fans pounced on the wrong Rachel. A certain amount of Beyoncé fans got the wrong Rachel, and began leaving lemon and bee emojis on chef Rachael Ray’s social media pages. Another thing being mistaken in the whole Beyoncé Lemonade melee is a report that Marissa Jackson — a supposed “Beyhive” member — killed herself over the whole allegations of Jay-Z cheating on Beyoncé.

According to the Empire Herald, the 31-year-old Marissa was found dead in Jackson’s Houston apartment after Marissa learned about Jay-Z allegedly cheating on Beyoncé in the wake of watching Lemonade on HBO.

The report about Marissa sounds bizarre and off-the-wall and sad, and according to Lead Stories, the report about Jackson isn’t true. The article claims that Marissa was such a fan of Beyoncé and Jay that Jackson even named her infant son “Jayonce,” a combination of Beyoncé and Jay’s names. The article quotes a supposed friend of Marissa’s that talked about how scarily involved Jackson had become in the drama of Beyoncé and Jay’s marriages.

“Marissa was probably the most dedicated Beyoncé fan I’ve ever known. She would always follow the news about Beyoncé and her marriage and even threw a party when Blue Ivy was born. Sometimes it scared me how much she was obsessed with them. I’m pretty sure after watching Lemonade, she was upset but I didn’t think she would take her own life because of it. She left her two beautiful kids behind, it’s so sad.”

Beyoncé’s fake fan named Marissa supposedly found out about the adultery accusations in Beyoncé’s marriage — so Marissa took to Facebook to create a video explaining to all of her Facebook friends just how sad Jackson was as a result. The fake article claimed that the Facebook video had been taken down from Facebook — fitting, in case anyone sought out the Facebook video.

While the fake article about Marissa shows comments from folks saying how crazy Beyoncé’s fans are due to the suicide news, they can rest assured that Jackson isn’t real. The story was published on a hoax website known for satire that picks up on current topics.

“Authorities discovered the body of Jackson after she posted a video on Facebook telling all of her friends how sad she was after discovering Jay-Z had cheated on Beyoncé. According to the video, which was removed from Facebook, Jackson explained that she couldn’t live on anymore after knowing that the two people she idolized as the pinnacle of marriage was broken. Jackson’s two children have been placed into care of relatives.”

The photo used in the fake article was actually from a Houston gun death story, as reported by the Daily Mail, instead of any Beyoncé fan named Marissa’s suicide.

No records of a suicidal death of Jackson were reported by valid Houston websites, including nothing on the website of the Houston Police Department for Marissa, nor do any public records confirm that an infant named Jayonce Jackson was born. However, the fake story has quickly garnered more than 2,250 retweets on Twitter, with nearly 1,000 likes.

The article titled “Woman Commits Suicide After Finding Out From Lemonade That Jay-Z Cheated On Beyoncé” has been shared nearly 5,000 times on Facebook. The reactions to the fake article about Marissa are wide-ranging.


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