TNA News: Austin Aries On TNA’s Future, ‘It Always Goes Back To Ownership’

A lot of scrutiny has come and gone for TNA. Impact Wrestling is in dire trouble, as they had to move their HQ to the warehouse where their merchandise goes through. Instead of a nice corporate office, they will have to share a warehouse. Dixie Carter doesn’t have any answers at the moment and none of the other executives can figure out what is going on. Does anyone have an answer?

The latest news coming from TNA’s camp is a partner could soon come to the fore front and purchase shares of Impact Wrestling. Of course, Carter doesn’t want to give up majority control, but according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, an investor is interested in becoming a partner with TNA, thus giving them room to breathe and fix their situation.

“Our sources tell us one of the organizations discussing a possible partnership with TNA is Summit Strategic Investments, and the deal could be huge for the wrestling company.

“SSI has a successful track record and is known for “transforming troubled assets.”

“The CEO of SSI is named Roger Brown. His brother, Jason Brown, is the CEO of Aroluxe Media … the outsourced company TNA uses to help produce Impact Wrestling.

“We’re told Aroluxe Media are simply the production arm of Aroluxe Marketing — the company initially pin-pointed as a potential investor — and our sources say neither are in talks to buy a stake in TNA.”

Nothing seems like it will help and the ratings will continue to go down. Wrestlers are leaving by the week, but what isn’t in TNA’s hands is the money they aren’t able to give to talent in order for them to come to Impact Wrestling. What is the reason someone would go to TNA? Is it the atmosphere? Perhaps they have a good friend in the company and the workload is easy.

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Whatever the case may be, Impact Wrestling has zero bargaining chips. The WWE has all of the bargaining chips. That’s why Bobby Roode and Eric Young are in talks with the WWE to come to the company. They were one of TNA’s best wrestlers. They left Impact Wrestling for a reason. Austin Aries, a former-TNA Heavyweight champion, added his thoughts on why TNA isn’t succeeding.

“At the end of the day, you can change coaches and managers and players, but if there’s something intrinsic, something wrong, then you have to look at what the common denominator is, and, usually, you’ve got to look at the ownership because everything runs from there,” said the former TNA World Champion.

“All I can say is I hope they continue to remain a viable company where guys and girls can make a living and make money,” Aries added. “The [professional] wrestling industry needs healthy, successful products and the more the better because that’s just more opportunities and jobs for the men and women who enjoy [doing] professional wrestling for a living.”

What exactly is the common denominator? It’s not the talent, because Dixie Carter has accrued some good talent over the years. Despite what has happened in the past few years, the Impact Wrestling roster has guys like Matt and Jeff Hardy, Drew McIntyre, and others who help shape out a decent card each night. The writing isn’t good and neither are the financials.

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Is that Carter’s direct fault? TNA may be able to blame anybody when it’s all said and done. Bob Ryder isn’t innocent either, but hopefully they can focus on the positive, when, right now is the perfect time to do so. Jeff and Matt Hardy are staying in TNA for the time being, but don’t be surprised if their tenure there is shorter than originally intended.

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