Norman Reedus Dodges Crazed Fans And Talks About New Movie, ‘Sky’

There are many fans of The Walking Dead out there that are in a panic about the cliffhanger ending, but none of them are more stressed out than the Norman Reedus fans. Not only do they have to live without a weekly dose of Norman Reedus on their screens, but they also have to deal with the fact that Daryl Dixon very well may have been the victim of Lucille, Negan’s barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat. It’s stressful.

Fortunately, there are a couple of things that Norman Reedus fans can do to easy the pain. The first thing they can do is watch the movie Sky, which was just released on April 14. Any true Norman Reedus fan has had that date marked on her calendar for some time now, because not only does Norman Reedus star in the movie alongside Diane Krueger, but he’s almost the main male love interest.

It has been a long time since Reedus fans have seen him in a role where he gets romantic with the main female lead, and the women who love him have been anticipating this for a while now.

Norman Reedus fans went a little crazy in New York when Reedus was there doing some promo work for Sky. Reedus spoke to New York Daily News about Sky and his wild fans, saying the fans, “…grab on you, yank on you… But sometimes when you get a mob of people together and it’s all frantic, bad things happen. One of the security guards got cut. So many people were leaning on each other that the bars were falling down. It’s manic.” Reedus even said that, when he stopped at a light, hands tried to push through the cracked open window.

Norman Reedus fans are nothing if not passionate about their feelings towards him. If you look on Facebook for pages and groups dedicated to Norman Reedus, you will find many thousands of women who adore him. His fans have been known to do some crazy things in the past. One fan even sent him her breast implant. Another bit him on the chest when she was getting her photo taken with him. Most fans agree that this was kind of extreme. The majority of his fans would just love to have a chance to stand near him, get a hug from him, or better yet, get one of his famous face licks!

Salon had the opportunity to talk to Norman Reedus about his newest role in the movie, Sky. They asked him what he admired about the character he played in Sky (Diego) and how he identified with him. Reedus responded,

“He’s an ex-vet, which is already admirable. He’s secluded himself. He stays away from anything involving the heart, and he allows himself to fall for Romy; he lets her in. It’s not his first choice. He’s a character who can’t let people in. To have it happen is kind of admirable. I’ve become more secluded in the past seven years–not to that extreme. Diego holds a job, and has human interactions–going into Vegas and picking up prostitutes. He calls it what it is. I’m not like that. [Laughs]. There are certain things where we’re similar…”

Norman Reedus fans can now get his new movie on various video on demand sites.

If you’re more interested in seeing Norman Reedus playing himself, you’ll want to be sure to watch for his reality-based show, Ride with Norman Reedus, which starts on June 12 on AMC. For 6 awesome episodes, Reedus will be riding his motorcycle across America with various guest stars while they explore various aspects of motorcycle culture.

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