Jill Dillard Pregnancy Rumors Heat Up After Husband Derick Dillard Posts A Picture On Social Media And Hints At Having Another Child

For the past few months, Jill Dillard’s fans have wondered if the 19 Kids & Counting star could be pregnant with another baby. She has posted several pictures that looked she could be expecting baby No. 2. It certainly didn’t help the speculation when Derick Dillard posted to his Instagram a picture of their 1-year-old son Israel and captioned the image,”This is how you entertain yourself when you don’t have any siblings yet… #mirrorbaby #twins?”

The part of the caption that got the fans into a panic was the word yet and twins. Apparently, the fans though that Jill & Jessa Counting On star was making some type of unofficial announcement that Jill may be expecting a baby. Immediately, the die-hard followers began to question (drill) Derick about how far along Jill was and if she knew she was having twins?

A few of the followers noted that it was evident that the family would have more children so it was a huge surprise that she would want more children. Jill has given no indication that she is expecting right now. It sure doesn’t stop the Duggar followers speculating about Dillard’s possible pregnancy every time one of them posts to social media.

It isn’t the first time the fans assumed that Jill was pregnant again, according to The Hollywood Gossip. For the past few months, it has been speculated that Dillard could be pregnant again, and the fact that she continually posts pictures of herself either with Israel in front of her stomach or behind a chair or something similar. For many Duggar fans, it just added more “proof” that the Duggar child could be expanding her family in the coming months. If that wasn’t enough pregnancy speculation, the Dillard’s followers pegged her green shirt in the Easter picture as a maternity top. Is it possible that Jill and Derick are waiting for the perfect time to announce her (alleged) pregnancy?

Dillard added more speculation with her latest post when she revealed that her husband Derick made breakfast for her and brought it to her in bed. Apparently, her followers immediately speculated that he was bringing her a plate of fruit because she wasn’t feeling well. Someone asked on the page, “She must be under the weather. #morningsickness.”

Many of the fans have voiced their concerns for the young family since they moved to Central America in an area that the Zika Virus was common. Apparently, Derick was seen in one of their pictures preparing for the virus buying multiple cans of Off. For many followers, that pretty much proved that Jill was pregnant, and they are waiting for the official announcement. Other fans feel that it could be explained and aren’t sure if she is pregnant with her second child.

When Dillard was pregnant the last time, she announced her pregnancy early (before her first trimester was over) and found it hard to believe she’d wait until she was showing to reveal she would be having another child. Sure, it could happen, especially considering the drama the family has endured with her brother Josh. However, it is unlikely. Jill and Derick seem open and honest with their followers, and it seems pretty unlikely they’d hide a pregnancy for very long. At some point, Dillard wouldn’t be able to conceal a pregnancy, and she’ll have no other choice but to admit what the fans had suspected for months.

Do you think Jill Dillard is pregnant with her second baby? Do you think Derick Dillard’s words “twins” and “yet” had any hidden meaning? Voice your opinion about The Duggars in the comments section below and come back later for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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