‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Daryl Dixon Can’t Be Negan’s Victim According To Melissa McBride

Fans of The Walking Dead have been clamoring to find out who Negan killed since the epic Season 6 finale just weeks ago. There have been multiple fan theories and tons of speculation, with most thinking that Daryl Dixon in the running for Negan’s victim along with Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford. A recent Los Angeles Times interview with Melissa McBride, who plays Carol Peletier, revealed a few things about her character’s relationship with Daryl on TWD, and based on what she said, the crossbow-wielding bad boy will be around for a little while longer.

When Season 7 of The Walking Dead resumes in October, the AMC hit is supposed to pick up right where it left off and answer the hottest question that fans have been asking. Who did Negan kill? There are fan theories and speculation overloading social media and there are even a few YouTube videos about it like this one.


Many believed that Daryl Dixon might be on the chopping block because of Norman Reedus’ busy shooting schedule and other projects. The TWD fan favorite has a few movies coming out and is also shooting a motorcycle-based reality show for AMC. Fans feared that Reedus’ surging popularity might prompt him to go ahead and leave The Walking Dead in order to capitalize on his current fame and make more movies.

There has been a longstanding argument about whether or not Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier will ever have a romantic relationship. In the recent interview, Melissa McBride talked about whether Carol and Daryl would be getting closer and her comments make fans believe that both of them will survive long enough to endure more chemistry between them. “It’s going to be interesting in season seven to see how these characters alone deal with the situations that they are in…’As far as, ‘what is their relationship?’ It’s just Daryl and Carol,” McBride said.

While Uproxx claimed that Melissa McBride’s words didn’t confirm or deny if Negan killed Daryl, she certainly wasn’t talking about the character in the past tense. Not to mention that she was talking about the future of both Carol and Daryl as if both of them would be returning in Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

Norman Reedus said in the past that he would be back for the next season as well but many still had their doubts. For starters, when Season 7 begins, whoever Negan kills will be there because TWD still has to show who it is. So technically, everyone is coming back, at least for the beginning of the Season 7 premiere.

McBride also managed to clear up some feud rumors during the interview. It was earlier this month that several outlets reported on claims that Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus couldn’t stand each other and that might be why Norman would want to leave the show. While the claims were pretty unbelievable anyway, Melissa has denied having any issues with her popular co-star.

“There’s no denying that there is chemistry there,” McBride said. “You know, I love Norman… They are peers, and they have an amazing, wonderful relationship bond — how they identify with one another, the room that they give one another, and the kind of side-by-side journey they’re going through each in their own realm.”

Check out the full interview where Melissa McBride talks TWD, Carol Peletier and her special bond with Norman Reedus. Do you think McBride’s interview proves that Daryl Dixon did not die and will be back for Season 7 of The Walking Dead?

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