Kids’ Impressions Of Donald Trump Are Hilariously Funny And A Bit Scary As Study Reveals Children Are Terrified Of A Trump Presidency

Last week on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, viewers sent the show a number of video clips featuring kids’ impressions of Donald Trump. As the election process continues, it is common to find the presidential candidates monopolize both news and satire. Saturday Night Live continually draws ratings for their presidential candidate impersonations, and NBC is more than familiar with the popularity of such content. So, it really comes as no surprise that these kids taking on Donald Trump’s most quotable sayings, hair movement, facial scrunches, and finger waving have become a hit. The video is a top trend on YouTube and is as hilariously funny as it is a bit scary.

There is no word as to whether the kids practiced the bits solely for the Tonight Show piece or if they are actual Trump supporters who have watched Trump in action as he stumps across the U.S.A.

Check out these video clips of kids doing their best Donald Trump impressions.

The video begins with a clip of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking about the wall.

“We have to start by building a wall — a big, beautiful, powerful wall.”

Next, a girl who appears to be the age of 10-years-old stands behind a wood banister with her hands raised and does her best impression of Donald Trump. Next up is a young boy wearing a Captain America t-shirt with thick blonde hair holding two fingers pointing to the sky while he, too, discusses the wall.

It seems that Trump’s wall message has resonated with these young children as they chose two themes to reiterate during their Donald Trump impressions: building a wall and making America great again.

While the kids’ impressions were fantastic, it might be said that the best Donald Trump impersonator of all time is Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon himself. Jimmy Fallon has played Donald Trump in several episodes of the Tonight Show and recently appeared in a skit with Ted Cruz. You may watch that skit and see Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump impressions below.

While the children in the above video seem to have a good grasp on Donald Trump’s message, a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center shows that when it comes to Trump’s message and kids, it’s not all fun and games. According to the report, Trump is not only scaring children, but he is instilling fear and racism in them. Calling it the “Trump Effect,” the 20-page document surveyed the way school age children respond to Donald Trump and his message. The study found that many minority children do not feel safe and protected under a proposed Trump presidency, and the message of sending immigrants back to their countries is resulting in prejudice and racism manifested in the classroom. Of the students studied, large portions of African-American, Latino, and Muslim children fear that a Trump presidency means they will ultimately be forced to leave the country.

After years of messages taught in public schools that focused on teaching tolerance and acceptance, it seems that Trump’s message is causing more harm in the younger generation than good. And as funny as Jimmy Fallon’s impressions and the video of kids’ impressions of Donald Trump are, the fact that children fear a Trump presidency is no laughing matter.

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