WWE News: Kane Says Daniel Bryan’s Retirement Speech Was ‘Bittersweet’

A little over two months has passed since the tragic retirement of Daniel Bryan from professional wrestling. After over a decade on the squared circle, Bryan Danielson decided to call it quits when the injuries came to blows with his career. It wasn’t something the WWE Universe was ready to let go of, but there was nothing Bryan could do but say goodbye to one of the things he loved. With his wife, Brie Bella, right next to him in Seattle, Washington, he retired.

Since then, it’s remained a whirlwind of emotions for wrestling fans. WWE superstars, past and present, are still reacting to Bryan’s retirement. It was truly one of the special moments on television in history. Even non-wrestling fans tuned in to see what everything was about. When anyone saw Bryan in the ring holding back tears, it was a moment that will never be forgotten.

Kane, former Tag-Team champion with Bryan, explains why Daniel Bryan’s retirement was bittersweet even months later.

“It’s one of those things where on two different levels, as a fan of WWE it’s tragic because you’re not going to see a person perform anymore when they’re in the prime of their career. On a personal level, it’s bittersweet because again, Bryan Danielson is very passionate and that was his dream, to be in the big leagues and to be an international superstar. He achieved it but unfortunately it was cut short and he didn’t live it as much as he wanted to but on the other hand, you knew it was really best for him as a human being.

“When he said that nice stuff about me in that promo, that was where I was like ‘I can’t watch this anymore’ because I don’t like having those sort of emotions [laughs]. It was mostly bittersweet.”

Kane’s sentiments make perfect sense, especially for someone to have that kind of connection with Bryan like few have. Kane and Bryan were the WWE Tag-Team champions for a good reason. Their chemistry was top-notch, and the backstage segments involving Dr. Shelby were priceless. Overall, they were one of the better tag-teams of this decade.

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Going back to Bryan’s injury, was it something that could’ve been predicted before he endured most of those concussions? He even noted that he’s had more concussions than he can even remember. Bret Hart, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, said that he predicted Bryan’s retirement before it even happened.

“Daniel Bryan is finished. He’ll never wrestle again. I don’t think he knows it yet. I feel terrible about Daniel Bryan. For all intents and purposes, he had the exact same thing happen to him that happened to me after Bill Goldberg kicked me in the head [ending Hart’s career].”

Perhaps that since it happened to Hart, he knew was going to come to the American Dragon, but predicting it is a bit premature to say. Nevertheless, Bryan isn’t coming back to professional wrestling, even though he may want to. It’s quite obvious that it’s still taking a toll on him at this moment. There’s a specific reason why he pulled out of the WWE European Tour at the last minute.

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Just like Edge, it will take time to be around the WWE again before he gets comfortable. Anyone that does something for so long will get that urge to return and miss it severely. Edge only appeared on WWE television once or twice after his retirement. The former WWE champion won’t be on TV anytime soon.

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