‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Premiere To Be Released Early? Writer Requests Copies Given To Barack Obama Using Freedom Of Information Act

Could the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere end up in the wrong hands before the April 24 premiere on HBO? If one writer gets her way, the advanced copies given to Barack Obama could be hers via the Freedom of Information Act. Only a few people have seen the highly-anticipated GOT Season 6 premiere episode, and from the sound of it, the newest season is going to be amazing. That’s why I’m not surprised at the FOIA request for a copy of the show and a little bit impressed at the Refinery 29 writer’s quick thinking.

With just one week until the Game of Thrones premiere, fans are clamoring to find out what is going to happen. Spoilers are scarce since the George R. R. Martin novel to accompany the upcoming season has not yet been released. That is a huge difference from previous seasons, when the first five books have been available and many details of the episodes can be found within them.

Game of Thrones creators, David Benioff, and D.B. Weiss have said that the only person to receive advanced copies of the HBO hit series is the president of the United States. It must be nice having such a sweet perk. Half the nation is waiting very impatiently to find out what has happened to Jon Snow and President Barack Obama already has that information.

It was announced at the Hollywood premiere of the HBO hit that the show creators had given President Obama an advanced screening of Game of Thrones. They also revealed that the POTUS is the only person outside of HBO to have a copy of the newest episode that has been kept guarded in order to keep spoilers to a minimum. Apparently, the folks at HBO would prefer their blockbuster hit not be “ruined” the way that The Walking Dead has been with certain groups posting all the dirty details of the show in the days before new episodes premiere.

Everyone who watches Game of Thrones wants to know Jon Snow’s fate. There has been a lot of speculation since the end of Season 5 almost a year ago. HBO has already claimed that Snow is dead when they released the short synopsis for Season 6, Episode 1 titled “The Red Woman.”

Apparently, Vanessa Golembewski is no different and she wanted to see the screening too. Kudos to her quick thinking, Vanessa quickly filed an FOIA request with the U.S. government and requested that she see exactly what President Obama saw in terms of the Season 6 early release. On the form, Vanessa admitted that she simply wrote, “I would like President Obama to share his advance screeners for Game of Thrones with the public.”

While Golembewski said that she wasn’t even sure if the request would work, it certainly was smart to at least attempt to retrieve the highly sought after Game Of Thrones episode. HBO execs have been very careful to keep Season 6 a huge secret. Who can blame them after the screeners from Season 5 were leaked early, causing many spoiler-chasing fans to see the first episode days before the premiere?

Now, the big question here is whether or not the Game of Thrones advanced screeners can be obtained by filing an FOIA request. It’s safe to say that top secret early releases of TV show episodes probably weren’t under consideration when the law was written. There are a few exceptions to the Freedom of Information Act, but none of them seem to cover TV shows given to the president prior to the regularly scheduled viewing.

Now, fans sit and wait to find out if Refinery 29 via Vanessa Golembewski is able to obtain an advanced copy of Season 6 of Game of Thrones. Do you think the Freedom of Information Act request will be granted, and will Barack Obama be forced to hand over a copy to the HBO hit series?

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