Glitch Hunting In ‘Fallout 4’: Get Any Automatron Mod Without Resources And Perks

Glitch hunting in Fallout 4 hasn’t been that hard since day one—remember how Fallout 4 released in November 10 with all the bugs and glitches that everyone thought it was a beta? That being said, Fallout 4 has gone a long way from day one to day what-day-is-it-again, and even though patches have been released to remedy glitches and bugs that scale from nonsensical to very crippling, Fallout 4 gamers are still on the lookout for glitches to exploit—and they are still finding them. As a loyal Fallout 4 patron and a gamer, what should you be doing with these glitches? Of course—we have to exploit them!

With Fallout 4 coming out with the Automatron DLC, Fallout 4 gamer and glitch expert tim-timman has released a new glitch that enables Fallout 4 gamers to get all Automatron mods regardless of requirements. That means you could get any Automatron modification without having the resources and perks the mod asks for.

Sentry Left Arm achieved without any of the resources required (via Tim's Youtube tutorial)
Sentry Left Arm achieved without any of the resources required [Image via Tim’s Youtube tutorial]
First published on Reddit by timm-timman (his Reddit handle), the Get Any Automatron Mod Without Any Requirements Met (resources or perks) exploit is a bit fiddly, meaning you will have to be very precise with every step, but it sure does work.

Rock a Gorgon Helm head without no resources at all (via Tim's Youtube tutorial)
Rock a Gorgon Helm head without no resources at all [Image via Tim’s Youtube tutorial]
Tim-timman outlines the steps on how to do the glitch. In this step-by-step instruction guide, Tim-timman tries to build the Left Unstable Explosive Minigun without ranks in Science or Robotics Expert, and no Resources at all.

  1. Enter the robot workbench with the robot you want to craft mods for. Navigate to the section where the mod you want is.
  2. Go down to the mod above or below it. In this case, there is no below so I highlight the Left Unstable Laser Gatling.
  3. The slightly tricky part. Press left arrow or Circle/A directly followed by arrow down (arrow up if you’re below). If you use the left arrow or Circle/A is what you feel most comfortable with.
  4. If your timing was right, shown as selected should be the Left Unstable Explosive Minigun. If not, try again.
  5. If you succeeded, directly exit the Workbench with Circle/A. You will see that the mod is attached on your robot. Upon entering the workbench again you can use it as any other mod, attach/detach etc. You just got it for free. Without any requirements or resources met, congratulations!

If this is slightly hard for you to understand, he also did a video tutorial on Fallout 4. Watch it a couple of times to familiarize yourself with the steps before giving it a whirl on your Fallout 4 save game. Timing is very crucial in this glitch, so you might want to review tim-timman’s Fallout 4 video below first (he goes by the handle Kamalu Ng on YouTube). It’s actually very easy and very dog-friendly, too.

Tim-timman has commited himself to finding glitches in Fallout 4 and in fact, has a whole list of exploits he have already found whilst spending hours roaming the Fallout 4 wasteland.

Some of the most helpful exploits that Fallout 4 players could take advantage of are his recent Free Automatron mod dupe, and his Power Armor Duplication Glitch.

See more and try your hand on the Power Armor Duplication Glitch in the tutorial he did on YouTube below.

Note that if you find yourself trying the Power Armor Duplication Glitch out on Fallout 4 but you crash with error CE-34878-0, tim-timman suggests that you shouldn’t trade over the power armor piece that’s not connected to the suit you are trying to mod.

As of Fallout 4 patch 1.4, both the Power Armor Duplication Glitch and the Get Any Automatron Mod Without Resources and Perks Glitch could still be pulled off—so are the Free clip of ammo and Fireball launcher glitches, although they are quite harder to do.

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC (via Bethesda)
Fallout 4 Automatron DLC [Image via Bethesda]
[Image via Bethesda]

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