UFO Hunter Films Mysterious ‘Cyborg’ Alien UFOs Over Red Rock Canyon In Las Vegas Near Area 51 [Video]

A UFO hunter has captured on camera amazing and bizarre footage of mysterious UFOs flying over the Red Rock Canyon area in Las Vegas, about an hour’s drive from the top-secret Area 51 base in Nevada.

The YouTube UFO hunter Steven Barone explains that he captured the video using a night vision camera in the Red Rock Canyon area near his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 12, 2016, and uploaded the video to YouTube on April 13, 2016.


The video shows mysterious UFOs with glowing and flickering lights flying in the sky over the nearby canyon. According to Barone, he had to climb “on top of three upsides down ceramic plant pots” to shoot the video because the “objects were barely visible above the roof-line.”

He expressed bewilderment about the nature of the objects, saying they did not appear to be conventional machines.

“I don’t know what to call these because they are so strange,” he writes. “Sometimes I get the impression that they aren’t 100% machine. At times, they almost seem to be capable of thought and seem to communicate with each other through light.”

According to the UFO hunter, the strange lights first appeared after he had filmed the dark skies over the canyon for about an hour. The first UFO appeared unexpectedly and then more came until he had a fleet of at least six UFOs with lights glowing eerily as they they flew in the air in the vicinity of the canyon.

“It was very quiet for my first hour outside last night. I wasn’t seeing anything and then all hell broke loose,” the UFO hunter said. “First one, then two, then more and more; they put on a spectacular show.”

The video has generated discussion among UFO hunters and enthusiasts, with many suggesting the UFOs were alien spacecraft from extraterrestrial civilizations.

An enthusiast said he also lives close to Red Rock Canyon area in Las Vegas and claimed he had also often sighted blue orbs taken off from the area and flying off. He claimed he had also seen black military helicopters hovering in the area.

“I often see blue orbs shoot out of the sky and travel over towards that area of the mountains,” he said. “Also, there are often black military helicopters around that area at night.”

The comment led to suggestions that the UFOs could be linked to the top-secret Area 51 base about an hour’s drive from the area.


Area 51 is the top-secret remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada where UFO hunters believe the U.S. government is keeping alien technology recovered from the alleged 1947 Roswell, New Mexico, crash.

Some UFO hunters suggested that the lights could be signals being sent out to space by alien civilizations.

In his comments, Barone expressed doubt that the UFOs were “100 percent machine,” and suggested they could be part-machine, part-biological organisms or cyborgs.

“Sometimes I get the impression that they aren’t 100% machine.”

But not everyone was convinced. Some skeptics suggested the lights were automobile headlights reflecting over the area while others said they could be linked to electrical phenomenon caused by a geomagnetic storm.

But Barone responded to claims that the lights could be from automobiles such as All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATVs) exploring the rugged terrain, arguing that he took care to investigate and confirm that he was not posting a video showing commonplace or man-made objects.

According to Barone, it became clear to him that the objects could not be ATVs when they started going down the cliff side.

“At times they appear to be searching for something using some sort of searchlights. There are no trails on the rim of the cliffs and even if there were it’s my belief that it would be too dangerous even in daylight let alone at night,” Barone said.

[Photo by China Photo Press/Getty Images]