‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan’s Connection To Griffin Munro Could Be Bad For Maxie

It has been an eventful week on General Hospital with the arrest of Carlos Rivera, Jason getting ELQ back, and Anna’s confession of shooting Carlos. There is also an unexpected marriage proposal that happened on Friday’s episode. Nathan West got down on one knee in public to ask Maxie Jones to marry him.

There has been some unspoken tension between Maxie and Nathan after the Port Charles cop told her the truth about being married to Claudette. Add that to the fact that Dr. Griffin Munro suddenly recognized Nathan, and it probably has something to do with Claudette, as Celebrity Dirty Laundry pointed out. How do the two men really know each other?

Maxie had just found out on Friday’s episode of General Hospital that Griffin is Duke Lavery’s long-lost son. They had just finished talking about it right before Nathan showed up at the MetroCourt. After Griffin walked away, Nathan came storming in surprising his girlfriend by proposing to her. It was totally unexpected and very public. It certainly was not quite a romantic setting. It was quick, to the point, and very suspicious.

Nathan’s talk with his sister, Nina Clay, convinced him to take the plunge. She told him to do whatever it takes to love Maxie and to understand her. Nina is in her own relationship crisis with Franco, where she feels like he doesn’t understand her need to have a baby, so that is her advice to her brother. Nathan takes that advice to heart and runs straight to Maxie to ask her to be his wife. But will she say yes? There could be another General Hospital wedding soon.

Maxie may just say yes, but she could change her mind once she realizes that Dr. Munro somehow knows the guy that she is in love with. While Nathan was down on one knee, Griffin turned back around and saw Nathan’s face.

It was obvious that Griffin was surprised, and even a little upset to see him. His usual mild demeanor suddenly changed when he spotted Nathan. Something went down between them, and they somehow share a past that General Hospital fans will be anxious to find out about.

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How would Duke Lavery’s son know Nathan West? It could very well have something to do with Claudette. Maybe the new doc had an affair with his wife while they were still married. Another thing is that Griffin has a scar from what looks to be a gunshot wound, so that makes it even more interesting.

No one knows what Dr. Munro’s back story is just yet. He came to town as a new staff member at General Hospital and had diagnosed Tracy Quartermaine’s condition. Fans then learned that he was Duke’s son, and that is about all that is known about this handsome doc so far.

Somehow, he and Nathan are connected. Could he have possibly been involved in the mob in the past? Dr. Munro could fill Maxie in on Nathan’s past with Claudette if she is indeed the connection. This could get ugly.

In the General Hospital preview clip that the soap posted, Maxie and Nathan are seen sitting down to have a chat after the proposal. It is obvious that she is skeptical about it all. She has every right to be and points it out to him.

“How can I not connect the dots between finding out about your secret first marriage and you proposing to me out of the blue?”

He responds by telling her that she is right about the connection between Claudette and him popping the question to her. He explains how he wasted all of his time trying to make his first marriage work when she never really wanted him in the first place, but now he has something special with Maxie and doesn’t want to waste it.

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With Maxie not knowing the full story behind Nathan’s first marriage, she may let him down easy and decide that now is not a good time to get married. However, she is a hopeless romantic and loves this guy, so she may just accept his proposal. Fans seem to love the pairing of this General Hospital couple and want them to have their happy ever after.

What do you think happened between Nathan West and Griffin Munro?

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