Same-Sex Marriage: New Study Proves Children Raised In Gay Homes Are As Happy As Opposite-Sex Families

The conservative argument that states that same-sex parents create gay children is no longer valid, according to Hollywood Life. A new study has surfaced that proves that same-sex parents are as good as opposite-sex ones, and children are not affected by the sexuality of their parents.

The study is a crucial one because it proves (hopefully once and for all) that same-sex parents are just as capable of raising a healthy and happy family as a traditional family. The study was conducted by the Williams Institute and published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics and compared the children that had lived with same-sex parents all their lives and evaluated their stability and emotional attachments and health.

The study was unlike any other study ever conducted. The previous same-sex parents research was completed using divorced parents in both gay and straight families. The results were mixed and showed that both scenarios had some level of dysfunction. Williams Institute decided to conduct a study that couldn’t be misconstrued in any way and could put the rumors aside that same-sex couple raise gay or unstable children.

The study showed that there was no difference (zero) between same-sex and traditional parents. They both raised healthy, happy, well-adjusted children, and the biggest shock was same-sex marriages didn’t increase the children’s risk of being gay later in life.

Are you shocked by the outcome? Apparently, the scientific community that conducted the study were not shocked at all; they expected the parent’s sex orientation to have no bearing on the children’s emotional health and sexual preference.

The research found only one fundamental difference between the family units. The same-sex marriages reported feeling more stressed than the traditional opposite-sex households; the study implied the stress came from the parents nervous that their lifestyle had adversely affected their children. The kids didn’t seem affected by the extra stress level and fared well in all the test conducted.

Even though the same-sex parents reported higher stress, they had a higher chance of having a support system and communities to help them overcome obstacles with their kids. Opposite-sex families reported feeling isolated and alone most of the time. Alternatively, many same-sex families have such resources as group support and counseling groups to teach them how to deal with the stigma of raising a same-sex family. The skills learned in the therapy session could be a clue to why the children seem much more resilient and not affected by the parent’s lifestyle choice.

The study only included the results of committed couples that relationship could be compared to an opposite-sex married couple. The study provided data that scientist had suspected for decades; same-sex couples can parent and raise children without “turning them into a gay person.”

Hopefully, moving forward, more conservative individuals will be more open and receptive to same-sex marriages/parenting. At the very least, the conservative people can accept that a gay parent can raise a happy, healthy, emotionally adjusted heterosexual child. Are you surprised with the groundbreaking research study? Do you think the study will be enough for more people to be more accepting of same-sex families?

Voice your opinion about the same-sex parenting research study and come back later for more trending news, entertainment spoilers, and updates.

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