Britney Spears: Mature Comeback Begins With ‘Billboard’ Performance, Album, And Single

History has shown us that Britney Spears is a master at launching a successful career comeback, and now she is planning to do it again, what with insiders and producers alike claiming she is ready to stage an epic career revival during her performance at the Billboard Music Awards 2016 on May 22.

“She is in the best shape of her life so the performance is set to be a massive return to the top,” an unidentified source told the Daily Star of the upcoming Spears showing.

“Everyone knows Britney brings in massive ratings, so it was a no-brainer for producers to try and get her on board.”

The source is not lying about the show’s producer’s rooting for a Britney Spears comeback. The folks at Billboard have not been shy about touting their hopes for the 34-year-old megastar’s return to the forefront of the music industry.

In fact, says the Daily Star‘s source, the producers of the Billboard Music Awards “have been desperate to sign Britney up,” especially in light of Spears’ massively successful performances at the same show in years past.

Not only will Britney’s performance be a huge production, but the Las Vegas Sun reports that the new vibe spears is trying to take on in her career is grittier and more mature than anything she has done before. It stands to reason that Britney’s stage performance will take on that feel, as well. Does that mean Spears will be putting on an even sexier spectacle than her infamously racy “Toxic” music video? Only time will tell, but whatever Britney does promises to be big.

If her residency in Las Vegas is any indicator, though, Britney will indeed be upping the sex appeal in the live performance.

Spears has been wowing audiences at Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Cafe since late 2013 by showing off her seductive physique in a bedazzled lingerie-and-leather outfit.

“It’s the sexiest she’s ever worn, with a lot more skin showing,” said Spears’ costume designer.

“They are hotter and sexier, showing more leg, more cleavage, and more midriff. We’re using lots more stones and crystals.”

And the Billboard Awards show is certainly not the only thing Britney Spears fans have to be excited about; she has loads of new music on the way that we’ve been told will carry the same somber, matured tone.

“The single and the video will thrill fans because it’s all new, totally different and somewhat unexpected. It’s different; it’s a turn,” Britney’s producers revealed recently.

“She’s gone from pretty straight-forward pop to a really interesting vibe with a lot of really cool stuff.”

“I just know that the direction I’m going in is so good. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time,” Britney Spears said in regards to her new album, which is still untitled.

“I’m just particular with this record — it’s my baby. I’m proud of the work, and it’s very different. It’s not what you would think at all. I’m not rushing anything.”

Britney’s upcoming album, which is scheduled to come out as early as May, 2016, will also reportedly receive help from some huge collaborations, including Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor. That combined with Britney’s new persona is definitely good reason to get excited.

And on top of all that, Spears is set to release her next single, “Make Me (Ooh),” in the next few weeks, reports PopCrush.

And, tying this back in with Britney Spears’ sure-to-be-huge Billboard Music Awards 2016 performance, a source close to Britney says that all of this Britney-produced media is going to come together to form a sensation.

“With her new single dropping a couple of days before the show, timing couldn’t be more perfect,” the source says, and reports tend to agree.

Is Britney Spears about to become a household name yet again?

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