LGBT Law In North Carolina Sparks Authors Debate

In the wake of North Carolina and Mississippi’s LGBT Law, a national discussion about gay and transgender rights has been sparked. The controversy rages on as celebrities voice their views on the LGBT law in North Carolina which allows for open discrimination of LGBT individuals, including Against Me! Singer Laura Jane who called the legislation “disgusting” and “total, bigoted discrimination” in an interview with NME. Cirque du Soleil also responded to the North Carolina LGBT law by cancelling their shows in the state.

Orson Scott Card, author of the classic sci-fi book Ender’s Game, recently shared some very strong words he had for the left, referring to them as the “established church of hate” in response to the LGBT law. In an interview with USA Radio Network’s Trending Today, Card opened up about the LGBT law and gay rights initiatives reverberating across the nation.

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“When did we take a vote on this? ” Card wondered aloud. “When did America have a scientific consensus that there’s no voluntary component to transgender issues?” said the Ender’s Game author.

“It’s just absurd,” Card went on. “Why is it suddenly Okay to put victimized women in such dangerous positions of having potential predators being allowed to ‘choose’ to go into a women’s bathroom? There are people… Women who were abused as children. Women for whom the idea of being vulnerable in front of a potentially predatory male is terrifying. It used to be that feminism was all about protecting people in that category.”

“But now, if you’re going to be a full-fledged member of the puritan left — the people who make the rules for all the rest of us and demand that we obey them no matter what and who cares what the Constitution says, it’s all about our religion — these people just decide that something is a new right and a new rule and everybody else has to bow down… uh, this is an established church, it’s an established church, it’s what the Constitution is trying to get rid of,” said a disgusted Card, who ended the interview with, “Here it is, it’s the established church of hate, because that’s their sacrament.”

Another author, Shiva Thejus, whose book The Unconquerable Heart was just released worldwide April 14, was just as outspoken about the LGBT law as Card, although unlike Card, she has expressed support for the LGBT community. Shiva Thejus’ novel The Unconquerable Heart deals with many of the LGBT issues that are relevant today such as gender identity, transgenderism, and even modern LGBT law.

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“It’s insane reading about the LGBT law in North Carolina, because it’s almost ripped from a page of my book,” said Thejus, who is also a veteran screenwriter and starred in movies such as Prince Vaali. The Unconquerable Heart has a cast of characters that includes an intersex socialist, an autistic professional boxer contender, a drug-addled billionaire fascist, a lesbian power couple, a doting transgender mother, and some of the most unlikely freedom fighters you’ll ever meet. The story illustrates the indomitable courage and strength that the human spirit is capable of when the characters believe in something bigger than themselves, even when their beliefs cause them undue pain, torment, and, in some cases, grievous bodily harm.

“These characters come together in a story with motifs that are old as time itself, such as humanity’s obsession with displaying power through dominance and the unconquerable power of love to endure such dominance and overcome. That’s what we’re seeing here with the LGBT law in those states. The LGBT community shouldn’t be intimidated by lawmakers exerting their dominance. There is no question that these people will be on the wrong side of history. I believe what we’ll see in the end here is that the love coming from the LGBT community will overcome any prejudice.” Thejus added.

“I think the people of North Carolina should stand up for what they believe in and do whatever they can to right this terrible injustice. They’ve already got overwhelming support, and it’s only a matter of time until the discriminatory LGBT law is repealed.”

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