LeAnn Rimes Forges ‘New Path’ With Brandi Glanville Amid ‘Kardashian Attitude’ Accusations in Texas

LeAnn Rimes was accused of crawling back to Texas with a “Kardashian attitude” after a recent performance at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. Radio host Billy Mack attended the April 8 show with his father, country music icon Bill Mack. Rimes covered Mack’s song, “Blue,” in 1996, and it became one of her biggest hits.

Us Weekly reports the radio host trashed LeAnn Rimes in a Facebook rant for what he felt was “diva” behavior. The post has since been deleted, but a tweet referring to it remains on his Twitter account.

“Almost comical … My dad and I go to Billy Bob’s Texas (Which is a whole other story) to see LeAnn Rimes and wish her the best (which by the way the lowest attendance I’ve seen there in a long time). No wonder why she is a has been in the industry.”

Mack never provided details about what set him off, but he and his father apparently felt snubbed by LeAnn Rimes. He went on to suggest that maybe Rimes should just stay out of Texas with her “lack of humility.”

“Her lack of humility, to her fans, my dad, Curb Records, or anyone else who has ever been in her corner in the early part of her career is hard, but a lil cute to watch. Sometimes it’s best to stay in LA. Don’t crawl back to Texas with a Kardashian attitude, expecting a Texas size applause. I wish her the best, but you can’t fool the fans. I speak only for me, and nobody else on this matter.”

A rep for LeAnn Rimes told Us Weekly that Rimes offered to meet the Macks before and after her performance, but they declined “for personal reasons.” The rep explained that “LeAnn and her family love Bill Mack,” and said Rimes is confused as to why he would have such “ill feelings about her.”

The rep accused the Macks of not respecting LeAnn Rimes’ time, saying they were the ones displaying the “diva” behavior.

“In hindsight, Bill Mack and his son’s desire to see LeAnn on their time frame with no regard for the time frames that are part of every artist’s protocol before shows was the only ‘diva’ attitude going on.”

Rimes’ spokesperson pointed out that LeAnn “honored and thanked Bill Mack” before she sang “Blue” at all three of her Texas shows.

While LeAnn Rimes has not personally responded to Billy Mack’s “diva” attitude remarks, she did vow to put negativity in one area of her life to a rest. Friday, after her stepson’s 9th birthday celebration, Rimes stated in a lengthy Instagram post that she is forging “a new path” in her relationship with her husband’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

LeAnn Rimes announced that all “nasty” comments about Brandi Glanville “will be deleted and not tolerated” on her page going forward. She asked followers to join them in creating “peace and neutrality” as they finally work toward having a “healthy, happy family.”

“Brandi and I are two separate people who are on our own paths, but working toward the same goal of a healthy, happy family. Stop creating a narrative that doesn’t exist. I have fallen short many times myself, but I’m working every day on creating peace and neutrality. Please join me in this. Please join us on this. I truly understand what I was taught as a child, if you don’t have something nice to say — shut it! There is no perfect mom or stepmom. We are both doing our best.”

Brandi Glanville responded Saturday with a similar post, referring to her “brand new relationship” with LeAnn Rimes and ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. The reality TV star promised to leave the past in the past.

“Happy Birthday to my baby boy who turned 9 yesterday & Happy 1st Birthday to a brand new relationship with the Father & Stepmother of my 2 children. Kids first, and the past needs to now stay in the past. Let’s keep it positive.”

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian will celebrate their 5th anniversary April 22.

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