Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa’s Son Sebastian Sings ‘See You Again’ With Daddy

There’s a new star in the famous Rose-Khalifa family, and he’s a special kind of cute. The son of Wiz Khalifa and his famous lover Amber Rose is clearly his father’s son, and is showing his natural talent off for anyone and everyone to see. Sebastian has shown the world he’s going to be just like his dad by belting out Khalifa’s hit song, “See You Again.” According to Hollywood Life, things got super exciting for the Khalifa-Rose family.

Nothing makes a father more proud than a son who follows in his footsteps, which the 3-year-old Sebastian has recently done. The 28-year-old Wiz was recently featured in an Instagram post alongside his adorable and talented toddler, in which Sebastian sings one of Khalifa’s hit songs. The Instagram post was made by none other than Sebastian’s mother, Amber Rose, 32. The kid certainly has an impressive vocal range, and it’s clear that his parents passed on their talent. Rose captioned the video, “Yes! Sing it baby!”

The video was posted on April 16 by Amber Rose on her Instagram account, and the proud momma clearly wanted to show off her son to her fans and the world. Good thing for fans, too, since the video is equal parts exciting, adorable, and impressive. Sebastian is still super young, so don’t expect to see him starting his own career anytime soon, but the signs are there and we can expect that one day, he’ll join Khalifa and Rose on the stage. When you’ve got talent like this, it’s a shame not to put it to good use. Fans on Twitter certainly agree. One Twitter user said that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s son Sebastian is their favorite celebrity kid!

The clip features Sebastian singing while being held in Khalifa’s arms as the camera rolls. The youngster excitedly recited the whole chorus of Wiz’s song, to the delight of fans and family alike. Wiz himself could hardly contain his excitement, exclaiming loudly as his son belted out the lyrics. Hardly anything is more adorable than a father and son having a good time together, especially when dad is as excited about it as Wiz was in this video.

Another fan took to Twitter to tell followers that she thinks Wiz and Amber’s son is the cutest kid on earth. @IndySummer even wants Sebastian to be hers!

Sebastian’s mother, Amber Rose, was also super excited about the whole thing, proudly announcing that it was, in fact, her son featured in the video. Sebastian was spot on with his adorable rendition, which is good news for fans, and maybe a sign that the budding superstar will have a chance to help dad out next time he tours. Little Sebastian is especially careful to hit his notes right according to one adoring fan.

Whatever the case, we can hope to see more adorable stuff like this from Khalifa and Rose as Sebastian gets older.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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