WWE News: Has The Undertaker Retired? Legend Speaks On The Deadman Possibly Being Done

Wrestling fans will find it really hard to deal with The Undertaker never wrestling again even though he may only have a match or two a year. After the Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32, many thought that the “Deadman” had symbolically retired from the ring, but did he? A WWE legend has decided to give his two cents about The Undertaker being pulled from recent live events on WWE’s tour of Europe and if he really is retired or not.

Over the course of the past two weeks, The Undertaker was scheduled for five dates on WWE’s European tour, then pulled from three of them, then pulled from the remaining two, and has now been added back to two of them. For now, it’s not entirely certain if he will show up at any at all, but the Live Events page does have him still scheduled for two appearances.

  • April 19th – In London at the O2
  • April 20th – In Newcastle at The Newcastle Arena

wwe news the undertaker pulled live events retirement jim ross uk
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The event on April 20 is just a house show. On April 19, it is a SmackDown taping, but The Undertaker is still scheduled to simply be in a dark match and not on the televised portion of the show.

Jim Ross is not entirely sure how good this news of The Undertaker being pulled from events really is for him or WWE. He believes that it could be something to do with the health of “The Deadman,” and that’s cause for concern as he spoke about on a recent blog post on JRsBarBQ.

“Undertaker being pulled from the imminent WWE tour of the UK and Ireland is troubling. I hope that Taker is healthy as he can be considering his tenure and his ‘bump card’ likely getting full.”

As far as rumors of The Undertaker being retired, it’s hard to think that he would have wrestled his last big match and then go on to be a part of house shows or dark show main events. For someone who is as respected as he is, who has such a key name, and has wrestled for as long as he has, WWE isn’t going to let him go out in such a quiet manner.

Ross also thinks that The Undertaker hasn’t had his last big rodeo.

“I still don’t think that WWE would likely endorse Taker’s retirement without a major marketing effort to celebrate The Deadman’s amazing career in WWE.”

At the end of his match with Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32, The Undertaker quietly and casually took off his gloves and placed them in the center of the ring. Some believe that this was his way of retiring, but it’s just hard to think that is the case.

wwe news the undertaker pulled live events retirement jim ross uk
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The Undertaker has looked overly impressive in the past couple of years, and he seems to be in fantastic shape. What Culture has a number of reasons of why he isn’t retired yet, and the WrestleMania 32 stipulation of “lose and it is your last ever WM” is a big one, but there’s much more.

There is just no way that The Undertaker is going to have his last ever match in the form of a dark match or at a house show.

He has always kept in character by not appearing at many meet-and-greets or autograph signings. If a wrestler passes away or retires, he’s not usually on stage with the rest of the roster to pay respect because he’s staying in character.

The Undertaker may not get a big send-off in the ring from the entire roster on stage as WWE may want to keep the character alive forever, but he won’t just disappear either.

As of now, the official word on The Undertaker being retired is unknown. It’s hard to think that his final match would be at anything other than a WrestleMania, or maybe a Survivor Series, but one can ever tell in wrestling. Jim Ross doesn’t think him being pulled from WWE Live Events is a good sign, but he doesn’t believe he’s quite done yet.

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