Khloe Kardashian Racy Butt & Abs Photo: ‘KUWTK’ Star Fires Back At Haters

Khloe Kardashian posted a racy photo of her butt and abs on Instagram earlier today and the haters came out in seconds to give their two cents. In true positive form though, the KUWTK star is fighting back against those that are being negative towards her.

In the slightly NSFW Instagram photo that showed off her killer abs and part of her naked butt cheek, Kardashian simply posted the message “Good Morning.” Soon, Khloe’s post had gone viral and the haters wasted no time telling her exactly what they thought of it.

Comments like “nobody wants to see that… take a picture of some food or something. I mean, geez, we get it you’re sexy” and “do ur sweatpants not fit or something?” quickly took over the post. Thousands of comments were posted and most of them were not so nice towards the KUWTK star.

Khloe Kardashian was quick to respond to the haters that commented on her racy butt and abs Instagram photo. After she learned what was being said about her, Kardashian took to social media to fight back against her haters once again.

This time Khloe took to Twitter to comment about the negative things people have to say so early in the morning. She also remarked about how people didn’t have to look at the photo. She also called the people who left the negative comments “Thirsty Thirsty Thirsty. ” Despite having numerous negative comments that took over her morning post, Khloe never made a rude or negative comment back. As usual, she continued to promote positivity in her life and other people’s lives as well.

Not every comment on Khloe Kardashian’s racy photo of her naked butt and abs had something bad to say about her or the picture. In fact there were quite a few comments that gave the KUWTK star positive feed back. Comments like “you’re beautiful” and “see side bum is HOT” popped up on the post as well.

Having to defend herself against the haters is something that Khloe is all too familiar with. Every time Khloe or her family post to social media, the haters come out in herds. Although for the most part she tries to keep things positive, the reality star has her breaking point. Last December she took to social media to fight back against those who keep judging her but also claim to be believers in God.

“The greatest part about miserable peps is that they post all of this BS on your page. They attack with words behind their private pages. Try to shame you or verbally bully your spirit. So I click on their pages and their bios say ‘believer in God’ ‘Put God first’ etc … but how is judging and spreading hate being a child of God? Being a child of the Lord means spreading love and uplifting one another.”

The haters that came out after Khloe Kardashian posted a racy butt and abs photo are nothing new for the KUWTK star. She once again took to social media to defend herself by pointing out negativity and praising those that gave her positive feedback. It was quite a Saturday morning for Kardashian, who also posted a picture of her and BFF Malika Haqq headed to the gym and all because she posted a good morning selfie of her killer abs and part of her butt.

What do you think about Khloe’s latest social media post? Do you think she handled her haters in the right way or should she have dealt with the negative comments in a different way?

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